Laughter as Owner Documents Golden Retriever’s Tantrums Through Week—’Sass’

Social media users were amused by a viral video documenting the many tantrums a golden retriever had in a single week, as viewers couldn’t get enough of his “sass.”

On July 3, TikTok user @puppyloveabcdogs_andmum shared the video showing how often 5-year-old Bailey stormed off into the yard to have a temper tantrum. Each time something bothers Bailey, he’s sure to show it by throwing himself to the ground in a huff and stomping his paws in the grass.

The video of Bailey’s regular outbursts has left social media users in stitches, receiving more than 428,900 views, 30,400 likes and hundreds of comments—with one viewer writing, “Full of sass, he is.”

While dogs can feel many things (namely hunger, no doubt), anger isn’t necessarily something they experience. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a pet food company, said on its website that dogs can become upset, stressed or bored, and the way they communicate these feelings can often be misinterpreted for anger.

For example, a dog may chew furniture, growl, snarl or avoid its owner altogether if it’s in any kind of distress. It’s important for owners to recognize why dogs exhibit this behavior and work on what they can do to ameliorate the situation—such as providing them with more stimulation, distracting them with treats to overcome resource guarding or allowing them to relax by themselves.

Although it can be difficult to read a dog’s emotions at times, Hill’s Pet Nutrition said gradually learning their cues would make it much easier to know what they need and strengthen the bond between pet and owner.

Bailey certainly loves the attention he gets whenever he throws a tantrum, and now it’s become a daily occurrence.


Dog in grass

A stock image of a golden retriever lying in the grass. A golden retriever has gone viral on TikTok after a video showed his many tantrums during a single week. SUPERV01/GETTY IMAGES


It’s easy to think his tantrums are the result of having to share his toys with his canine siblings or being told he can’t have any more treats. But his owner said in the comments section that he’s often not mad about anything. “He does it to make us laugh,” they said.

The owner also wrote in the video’s caption, “Bailey is such a funny boy, always wants to make us laugh.”

Whatever the cause of the tantrums, social media users can’t get enough of Bailey’s outbursts, which have become his trademark characteristic. Bailey’s owner has shared numerous videos of his tantrums, and many of them have gone viral in the past.

In the comments section of the recent video, one TikTok user wrote, “I love that he has a spot designated for tantrums.”

“This is my tantrum location,” another added.

A user commented, “Whatever you’ve done to Bailey, correct it immediately lol.”

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