Internet Amused as Cat Still Hates New Puppy Three Months Later

Cats and dogs can usually live together without issues and even grow to become best of friends. However, sometimes it can take them a while to warm up to each other, especially when the cat is the established pet and the dog is the intruder.

A post shared to TikTok in late April by user @deanaboo shows one owner’s struggle to get his calico cat to warm up to his new golden retriever puppy. While he thought this behavior was only temporary, three months later the feline still hissed at the dog with no signs of acceptance.

The video’s text overlay reads: “We got a puppy three months ago and we have been hoping our cat would come around to the idea.” Followed by: “We’re working on it.”

In the clip, the owner shares the pets’ relationship throughout their three months of cohabitation. While the puppy immediately fell in love with the cat, wagging his tail and trying to play with her any chance he got, the feline can be seen hissing at him repeatedly and constantly running away whenever he’s around.

In an update video shared two days ago to TikTok, the cat is seen finally letting the pup near her without hissing. Not only that, she also allowed him to sit right by her side and boop her nose without any signs of discomfort.

cat hates new dog

A post shared to TikTok in late April by user @deanaboo shows one owner’s struggle to get his calico cat to warm up to his new golden retriever puppy. GETTY IMAGES


Cats and dogs are usually portrayed as mortal enemies and sometimes they will act as such. However, they can actually live peacefully with each other and even become best friends. A study carried out by Italian scientists, published in the journal PLOS ONE, proved this theory.

According to the 2020 study, over 64 percent of the cats and dogs living together also played together; 58 percent chased each other; and 41 percent fought. Almost two-thirds of the pets sometimes playfully “ambushed” the other.

Moreover, cats are more likely to ignore dogs than vice versa, with 42 percent of cats ignoring canines, and 28 percent of dogs shunning felines. Cats were also more likely to attack dogs than vice versa.

TikTok Users React

April’s video quickly went viral on TikTok and has so far received over 11.4 million views and 496,200 likes on the social media platform, with users amused with the interaction between the cat and dog.

One user, Taylor Hoth, commented: “Love love love. Most people would be done in a week. IT TAKES TIME!!!”

Savannah Marie Haywood wrote: “This is how I felt when my parents brought my sister home.”

SpoilAllTheFosters added: “You definitely ruined her life. Poor baby! But cute pup.”

Cassie posted: “A year and a half later our cat still hates our dog.”

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