Internet in Stitches as Cat Demands Midnight Snack: ‘Death Stare’

There’s nothing cats love more than a tasty snack, but unlike dogs, they won’t simply ask for it and perform tricks to get it; they will demand the treat and expect it.

A hilarious clip shared on TikTok on Thursday, under the username @puffindoestricks, shows a Scottish fold from Alaska arguing with his owner about getting a midnight snack, using his talking buttons to tell her off.

The video shows Puffin standing by the buttons, repeatedly tapping the “treat” and “now” buttons. His owner tries to explain to him that he can’t have anymore because he has had enough and it’s time for bed. In the end, the poster asks Puffin what else he would like and he picks catnip, to which his owner agrees.

Cats are way more clever than we give them credit for. The feline wellness experts at Catster say that our domesticated felines are so smart that they not only recognize their owner’s voice, but they might also be able to pick out particular words, though only in very specific circumstances.

“However, felines zone out most of what you say as they only recognize certain words. Even the words they recognize don’t have the same meaning to them that they do to us,” the website added.

Although cats don’t have the intellectual abilities to give meanings to specific words, when they hear you say something to them, like their name, they immediately know that something is about to happen that involves them.

cat demands snack

A gray cat stares at a snack. A video showing a feline using talking buttons to demand his midnight treat has left internet users in stitches. GETTY IMAGES


The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 755,000 views and more than 44,000 likes on the platform.

Une user, XFO 8, commented: “Catnip at bedtime is literally Wild.”

Narges posted: “The death stare in between every clicks.”

Angiepangie wrote: “That’s crazy that cat is actually talking to you and giving you full attitude.”

Another user, Michelle Durban, added: “Cat be like ‘Beeech these are command buttons not questions. What part of give me a dang treat don’t you understand?”

Mme Ex posted: “Lol [Laugh out loud], kitty said, if I can’t get a treat, I might as well get high! I would have fell out laughing!”

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