Y&R Spoilers Speculation: The Fired Heirs of Genoa City Team Up

Y&R spoilers teased that there was a lot of firing and switches going on in Genoa City.

Do you blame the under-50 set for being confused? None of them had to ever look for a job in their lives.

They were born, they were tiny and cute, they went to boarding school,

they came back a year later, and were handed an executive position at the family company. College, experience, and actual skills are for suckers. But it has been a rough week for our delicate nepo babies.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: It’s Tough Out There

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) got demoted, Kyle (Michael Mealor) got fired, Adam (Mark Grossman) is about to slip further down the professional ladder than he expected, Lily (Christel Khalil) could lose her company, and Billy (Jason Thompson) just seems confused about whom he’s supposed to be plotting with, and why.

How much longer are they all going to put up with being treated so shoddily by their parents/siblings/people who owe them stuff? Why not throw off the oppressive shackles of having to do what the boss says simply because they are paying you and start a company of their own?

Young and the Restless: Share and Share Alike

This way, they can all be C-Suite officers. Not a single enlisted man in sight. Victoria, Kyle, Adam, Lily, and Billy can be co-co-co-co-co-Chief-Executive-Officers. Yay! Everybody is a winner! Then, instead of fighting for the top job — because they already have it, thanks to hard work and being born rich — they can turn their energies on something important — like making Victor (Eric Braeden), Jack (Peter Bergman), and any other nay-sayers sorry they ever doubted them.

And if (when) they fail, why there will always be a job waiting for them at Newman Enterprises, or Jabot, or Chancellor-Winters. There is no risk here, only potential reward. Which is totally what real life is like. For those clever enough to have been born part of the 1%.

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