Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Summer Steals Chance From Sharon

Will Summer Newman take a Chance?

Y&R spoilers aren’t exactly being subtle. Sure, Summer told Daniel she didn’t want to get between Sharon

and Chance the way Phyllis got between Sharon and Nick. But Summer is her mother’s daughter.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation:

Not only can she say one thing and do the opposite, but she can also do her worst, and then claim it was for the best reasons. This is why the minute Summer decides she wants Chance, Summer will go after Chance.

The Young and the Restless: Right Back At You

Summer (Allison Lanier) is mad at Kyle (Michael Mealor). How dare he dump her for lying to him non-stop and letting his mother sit in jail for a crime Summer knew her own mother committed? Rude! She is even more angry at Kyle for sleeping with Audra. You know how Summer gets when Kyle seems to prefer some ethnic brunette over her. And Summer needs Kyle to understand her displeasure. What better way to drive her point home than to have an affair with a guy who is more mature than Kyle, more community-minded than Kyle, and possibly taller, too? Why, hello there, Chance (Conner Floyd).

y&r spoilers speculation banner with chance and summer.

Y&R: The Other Woman

Sure, to most of the world, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is the woman who had an affair with Nick (Joshua Morrow) while he and Sharon (Sharon Case) were still mourning the death of their beloved Cassie (Camryn Grimes). But, from Summer’s point of view, Sharon is the woman who broke up her mommy and daddy. Multiple times. Which is why breaking up Sharon and Chance is the perfect payback. Summer is a victim, too, you know!

Y&R Spoilers: Family Time

Chance was so desperate to have a family with Abby (Melissa Ordway) that he was willing to use a surrogate and a sperm donor. The one thing Sharon can’t do is give Chance a child of his own. But…Summer could. Really, she’s doing both Chance and Sharon a favor. They were never going to last. Summer breaking them up now is just protecting both from more heartbreak down the road.

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