Young & Restless Spoilers Wild Speculation: Who’s the Daddy Drama for Summer

Y&R spoilers are giving us a Summer who is still in love with Kyle…yet definitely interested in Chance, too. We think her

dilemma is about to become much, much worse for her. And much, much more interesting for us.

Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation: Stand and Deliver

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) already warned Summer (Allison Lanier) away from Chance (Conner Floyd). Hey, remember how

much fun it was when their mom was in a love triangle with Sharon (Sharon Case)? Yeah, don’t do that, sis. Summer agreed.

Kind of.

But self-control has never been Summer’s strong point. Especially when she’s a woman scorned. Remember how she slept with Billy (Jason Thompson)? Mostly to annoy her mom. But also to punish Billy for…not wanting to sleep with her. Logic isn’t Summer’s strong point, either.

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One Plus One Makes Two

We can definitely see a night when Summer is furious with Kyle (Michael Mealor) — probably after he’s flaunted his sleeping with Audra in her face. And when Chance is put out that Sharon wants to spend the evening looking at spreadsheets with Nick rather than between the sheets with him. They’re both cranky. They’re both a little tipsy. Oopsie, we both fell into bed. And, well, now that we’re already here…hmm.

Y&R Spoilers: Get Lost

The next morning, a contrite Chance plays it off as no big deal and makes it clear he’s not interested in anything long-term with Summer. He totes loves Sharon! Summer will be furious. Coming in second is yet another one of her not strong points. She vows to get revenge. So when Summer turns up pregnant a few weeks later, she knows what she has to do.

Young & Restless: Endgame

Summer seduces Kyle — for old time’s sake. Then lets him know he’s about to become a daddy. Kyle moved heaven and earth to get Harrison (Kellen Enriquez), and he only met the kid as a preschooler. Surely, Kyle would never risk missing out on the first few years or another child, would he? Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.


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