Young & Restless Just Put to Work a Newcomer Who’s *Extra* Special to Mark Grossman

Young & Restless fans are going to have to be pretty on the ball to catch this one!

A recent visitor to the set will be doing a cameo, if you will,

in upcoming scenes and she’s a very special lady to one of the soap’s leading men — Mark Grossman.

The scenes, which were filmed on the Crimson Lights coffee house set, appear to have Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis giving her side of some story to the returning Michael Damian’s Danny, who can be seen listening intently to what his ex-wife has to tell him and making the appropriate facial expressions. Or at least the facial expressions one sometimes makes when trying to deal diplomatically with Phyllis.

Phyllis Danny Y&R

The clip, which shows his mother seated in a booth at the coffee house behind Danny and Phyllis, was posted in Mark Grossman’s Instagram story. In fact, there was a series of photos/clips that began with: “When mom comes to the studio.”

That’s right, Grossman’s real-life mother came to see her son on set and, in his words, “We put you to work.”

According to her talented offspring, Mama Grossman was “crushing it” and earned a big thumbs up from Mark for her efforts. A third photo in his IG story showed his mother chatting with a crew member on set.

Mark Grossman mom

Eagle-eyed Young & Restless viewers will be able to catch a glimpse of Grossman’s mom in the coming weeks (Damian returns beginning on Thursday, September 28), and we’ve provided a handy photo of her below so you know who you’re watching out for — just look at those two together!


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