Young & Restless Blindside: The Truth About Victor’s Power Move Will Knock Lily Right Out of Her Stilettos

Just when you thought Chancellor-Winters was safe from the chaos

and upheaval infecting all of the other huge corporations in Genoa City,

Young & Restless’ Lily learned that a major investor — none other than Victor Newman

— has sold his investment in their company to an unknown party. Neil’s daughter is all but shaking in her shoes over the unsettling and unforeseen development, but the truth behind Victor’s power move may just shock her right out of those stilettos!

Lily and Devon have already dealt with their fair share of drama and setbacks since merging Chancellor Industries and Hamilton-Winters into Chancellor-Winters. Their cousin Nate came on board and promptly attempted to stab them in the back by conspiring with outsider Victoria Newman to buy up shares of their anticipated IPO, they discovered Audra Charles was a mole planted by Devon’s shifty pops, Tucker McCall, their hot-shot attorney, Amanda Sinclair, left town, and Lily and Devon fell out when he refused to get on board with going public.

Happily, Devon made his amends with his sister and the company didn’t go public. Instead, Jill took on a silent investor — Victor Newman — who wanted to smooth the waters for his late friend Neil’s children moving forward.

Indeed, Victor has been so silent an investor that some may have forgotten about his stake in the company, but Lily just got a reminder in the worst possible way — learning that Victor had sold off his share of the company to an unknown party without giving them any notice or input.

Lily is, understandably, panicking. Having seen the preview for this week’s Young & Restless, we know she’ll soon be sharing the news with a stunned Devon as well.

They’ll undoubtedly both be expecting the worst. Is the new investor going to want to be less than silent? Will they insist on changes? Will they turn out to be someone notorious who doesn’t share their ideals?

Perhaps. Heaven knows there’s enough of the notorious types in and around Genoa City. But there’s another possibility. One we have a hunch may come as a relief, or in fact, even a pleasant surprise.

If our hunch is correct, it’s none other than Lily and Devon’s great aunt, Mamie Johnson, who will turn out to be the recipient of Victor’s share of Chancellor-Winters. Devon and his sister certainly won’t see that one coming!

Why do we think this? The most obvious answer is that Veronica Redd is reprising her role of Mamiein the coming days. We also believe that Victor wouldn’t sell to anyone who might compromise the company that represents Neil’s legacy, but rather to someone as invested in preserving it as he, Lily, and Devon have been.

As many viewers will recall from Mamie’s last visit, she’s a wealthy woman now — thanks to Jill paying her a million dollars to leave town many moons ago when the women were vying for the attentions of John Abbott. On second thought, perhaps Lily and Devon should be worried — they might be doing a lot of refereeing between Jill and Mamie once the details of Victor’s power move come to light!

Do you think Victor sold his interest in Chancellor-Winters to Mamie? Would you like to see Mamie and Jill squaring off anew? Let us know in the comment section.


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