Young And Restless Spoilers Speculation: Jack Resents Diane’s Stance On Billy

Y&R spoilers are showing us a joyful Diane and Jack preparing to renew their wedding vows. But, at the same time, Diane can’t stop gently nudging Jack in the direction of getting rid of Billy at Jabot – and hiring Kyle, instead.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

We get that Diane (Susan Walters) is Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) mother, and a guilty one, at that. She missed a decade of his life,

she has a lot to make up for. She also figures Jack (Peter Bergman) should want what she wants. Kyle is his son, too, after all. But

Billy (Jason Thompson) is Jack’s brother. And Diane may have gone too far in pitting them against each other.

y&r spoilers speculation banner over diane and jack.

Choosing Sides

Jack did hire Kyle at Jabot, then fund his and Summer’s (Allison Lanier) little vanity project under the Abbott umbrella. So he’s invested in his son’s success. But Kyle also has a tendency to just wander off when he feels bored or unloved, or just crabby.

Billy suffers from the same condition. Maybe it’s a genetic thing. However, at the moment, Kyle just left to take a job with arch-enemy Newman Media – only to get canned a few weeks into the job. Billy, for his part, has been working with Jack and Diane. He deserves his brother’s loyalty.

Love Is Blind

Diane must be counting on Jack to be so enamored with her, that he’ll give in to whatever she asks for. And it’s for their precious son, after all. They’re on the same side. They’re a couple! And spoiled baby Kyle makes three!

Fed Up

But just like Kyle resents being asked to take responsibility for his actions, Jack resents being manipulated. It’s why his relationship with Diane failed in the past. Once he admits to himself what she’s doing, he’s going to push back. No matter how many vows they renew.

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