You won’t believe what Thomas is planning behind his son, it’s terrible

Douglas made a heartfelt plea to beg his mom Hope to give his father Thomas a chance,

he thinks that they should become a family.

Douglas knows that Hope is sad after Liam left, and he thinks that his father Thomas could do it better, so he gave it all to Hope.

Douglas also claimed that he did this all by himself, and his father Thomas didn’t tell him anything, but it’s it true.

He is just a small kid, so why does he know that Thomas loves Hope, maybe the truth is totally different, and Thomas did something in the dark with his son.

Maybe it’s all from Thomas’s plan to make Hope marry him, we know that Thomas is still a manipulative person and he could do it easily.

If Hope finds out that Thomas did, she will be disappointed with him and their relationship will face a big problem.

Hope is struggling to make sense of Douglas’s words. It’s a lot for a young boy to understand, and she wonders if he might be confused.

She knows that Thomas has his own motives, and she’s wary of falling into another trap. She’ll have to be cautious, for both her sake and for Douglas’s.

This is a really tough situation for everyone involved. Let’s see what will happen next to Hope and her love life?

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