Yellowstone May Not Be Taylor Sheridan’s Proudest Achievement Yet as He Reveals One Aspect of His Personal Life That Can Bring Families Together

Taylor Sheridan’s ranch plays an important role in bringing families together.

One may refer to Taylor Sheridan as a jack of all trades. From acting to directing, the star truly has it all. Beyond his acting career, though, the native of North Carolina is most known for producing the highly successful series Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner.

While the show had a captivating quality of its own, viewers were more enthralled by the way it highlighted Sheridan’s cowboy persona.Taylor Sheridan [Credit: Paramount Network]

The actor is a proud owner of two ranches: Bosque Ranch, a magnificent 600-acre property in Weatherford, Texas, and 6666 Ranch in the Texas Panhandle. However, according to Sheridan, the ranch also has the additional function of uniting families.

A personal achievement of Taylor Sheridan
A real-life cowboy, actor Taylor Sheridan knows what it takes to build a profitable and secure ranch. This comes after the fact that, to ensure the safety of the Yellowstone cast, the actor bought all the horses used in the series.

In an interview with Lippert for last year’s Cactus Reining Classic, the actor reflected that he aims to celebrate life and educate the people around him. For this, the Sons of Anarchy Star organizes numerous competitions and activities, including the yearly Brazos Bash, team roping, and barrel racing.


In addition, taking part in these activities will further bring families together and added that

You’ll have mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and the kids all showing up out here and so they can do it together as opposed to watching your kid kick a soccer ball around

He also mentioned in the same interview how working with highly trained horses is safer, outlining the same precautions he used in order to film 1883 in 2021.

Taylor Sheridan organized cowboy camps for the Yellowstone actors
What occurs in a given show is directly in front of the audience, but little is known about what happens behind the scenes. Adding to the viewer’s true experience, directors strongly focus on authenticity. Sheridan himself wanted to do the same, as revealed by a new featurette by Yahoo! Life, to show the cattle-herding Dutton family.

Taylor Sheridan as Travis Wheatley in Yellowstone [credits: Paramount]

To ensure that their performances seemed more natural around the horses, the cast of the Frontier series 1883 underwent rigorous training.

Tim McGraw, who portrayed James Dutton, added to this by saying, “Cowboy camp was probably the most helping thing in the world.” This situation further strengthened Taylor Sheridan’s resolve to produce the highest quality of work possible for the audience and the actor’s passion for cattle and horses.

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