Victoria suspects that Victor isn’t her biological father because of the way he treats her | The Young and The Restless Spoilers

In an unexpected turn of events,

Victoria Newman discovers that her father, Victor Newman, has demoted her at Newman Enterprises.

What’s even more disheartening is that she’ll now be reporting directly to Victor,

effectively stripping away her authority.

During a conversation about Nick Newman’s future at the company, Victoria expresses her understanding of his decision to step away from Newman Enterprises. Victor, however, hopes that Nick will return to the family business.

In a surprising twist, Victor announces that he’s demoting Victoria and intends to fill the vacant position left by Nikki at Newman Media. This leaves Victoria’s position at Newman Enterprises wide open.

Initially panicked, Victoria seeks clarification from her father. She’s worried that Victor might be considering Adam for the top position, a prospect that concerns her.

Victor reassures her that Adam won’t be returning to Newman Enterprises. He then reveals that he himself will be taking over the reins, with both Victoria and Nate Hastings reporting directly to him.

This decision leaves Victoria feeling uneasy. She realizes that Victor is intent on reclaiming control amidst the chaos between Newman Media and Newman Enterprises. She can’t help but feel targeted by his choice.

Despite her dissatisfaction, Victoria begrudgingly accepts Victor’s decision for the time being. However, she quickly joins forces with Nate to strategize on how to regain her position, without fully considering the potential consequences of her actions.

The looming question remains: can Victoria outsmart Victor and reclaim her role at Newman Enterprises?

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