Victoria and Nate’s crazy revenge plan to take back their power, Victor is in grave danger

In a surprising turn of events,

Victor Newman takes a drastic step by demoting his daughter Victoria

from her position at Newman Enterprises.

This move doesn’t sit well with Victoria, who quickly starts plotting her comeback.

When Victor visits Newman Enterprises to discuss Nick’s decision to step away from the company, Victoria puts up a brave front. She’s grown weary of the tension between Nick and Nate Hastings, believing that Nick doesn’t trust Nate.

Victoria, along with her mother Nikki, recently took charge at Newman Media. Victoria suggests that Nate be appointed Co-CEO, but Victor strongly opposes the idea, hinting that he has someone else in mind.

Victoria suspects it might be Adam, a choice she vehemently disagrees with. However, when Victor reveals his choice for Co-CEO, it leaves Victoria stunned and unhappy – it’s her. This demotion strips her of power and control, something she had worked tirelessly to attain.

While Victoria is forced to accept her father’s decision, she’s determined to send a message of her own. She interprets Victor’s move as a sign that he’s reclaiming authority at Newman Enterprises, and she’s not about to back down.

Victoria sees this as a form of humiliation and degradation, and she’s ready to fight back. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to regain her position, even if it means causing friction within the Newman family or affecting Victor’s well-being.

Victoria is now playing hardball and hatching a revenge plan that surpasses anything Victor has ever done to his adversaries. She’s become so resolute that she’s willing to push people aside, regardless of the consequences.

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