Toyah Battersby’s unexpected turnaround on Coronation Street cult recruitment leaves Leanne in shock

Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is set to be left shocked in upcoming Coronation Street scenes when sister Toyah (Georgia Taylor) makes an unexpected turnaround over The Institute.

Leanne fell into the clutches of the sinister cult earlier this year after being charmed by Rowan Cunliffe (Emrhys Cooper), and Toyah was quick to spot the red flags that Leanne had missed.

Leanne was spending lots of money on sessions with The Institute, and ended up revealing all of her deepest, darkest secrets to Rowan.

Toyah grew seriously concerned that Rowan was taking advantage of vulnerable Leanne, and warned him that she would get to the bottom of whatever it was he was really up to.



Clearly threatened, The Institute attempted to sue Toyah when she spoke out against them publicly.

Toyah’s views towards The Institute have caused tension between her and Leanne, especially when Leanne failed to be there after Toyah opened up about her stillbirth.Toyah and Leanne speaking to each other over the bar in the bistro in Corrie

When Toyah was later arrested for the murder of her baby, she ended up accusing Leanne of reporting her.

Rowan chats with Toyah in the bistro in Coronation Street
Despite their differences over the last few months, Leanne agrees to stay at home and look after Toyah, following her hospital visit.

However, she is left with a dilemma when Rowan asks her to attend a taster session for new recruits.

Leanne is torn, but in a shocking turn of events Toyah agrees to attend the session with her.


As the sisters head to the Chariot Square Hotel together for the session, is Toyah starting to fall for The Institute – or does she have a plan?

Actor Emrhys Cooper revealed that Rowan is ‘suspicious’ of Toyah’s next moves.

‘There’s already been a lot of heated arguments between them and he’s used to people being suspicious of The Institute. He’s used to the family members, so this is quite a gain for him.’

Is he right to be suspicious?

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