This is the most breaking news for Devon and Abby, they will collapse !!!

Abby and Devon have a strong and joyful relationship. They’re deeply in love, and you can tell they’re over the moon for each

other. Even though we don’t see them often, they’ve shared all their happiness with us.

But now, there’s a storm brewing. Both their parents, Devon’s dad and Abby’s mom, are going through a tough time. It’s like a

game of blame, with each pointing fingers at the other for their problems. You might wonder how this will affect Abby and Devon’s happy relationship.

It looks like there’s trouble on the horizon, and it’s not looking good. Why, you ask? Because in Genoa City, things always get dramatic. Plus, we’ve already had a sneak peek at the first act of this drama.

Abby had a heated argument with her mom, Ashley, over the phone. She hung up in frustration because of Devon’s dad, Tucker. When Abby came back home, she was really upset and not in the mood to hear Devon’s explanations. That’s when things started going downhill for our couple.

For most married couples, big family conflicts like this can be like a tsunami. But Abby and Devon aren’t like that. They won’t take sides and start a war. Abby firmly supports her mom, while Devon is more open to his dad’s perspective. However, don’t expect them to go all out in this feud.

Abby’s used to getting what she wants, it’s like second nature to her. Devon, on the other hand, is calm and doesn’t get upset easily. When Abby challenges him and says she’s right, he doesn’t put up much of a fight. He might talk to his dad, Tucker, behind Abby’s back. They have a history of keeping the peace, so things should stay relatively calm.

The big question is whether the problems between Abby and Devon’s parents, Ashley and Tucker, will cast a shadow on their budding romance. It’s a tense situation, for sure. There might be some tension ahead, but don’t expect our favorite couple to go to war. They’re good at finding a middle ground and avoiding big fights. So, stay tuned to see what unfolds next in Genoa City.


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