The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Tucker Double Crosses Phyllis?

The Young and The Restless spoilers and rumors tease it’s only a matter of time before sneaky Phyllis Summers (Michelle

Stafford) gets what some would consider a well-deserved payback. Phyllis might think she’s got one over Tucker McCall (Trevor

St. John) and he’s “handled”, but might he turn the tables and double cross her?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Tucker McCall’s Reminder

Tucker recently reminded Phyllis she’s got more to lose than she does, she’s barely made amends with her children and friends for faking her death-even though she had no choice.

Somehow, she managed to squeak out of a murder charge after killing Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) in self-defense, initially having no proof or witnesses.

Pretty much, Phyllis lucked out on that one but Tucker reminds her she may not always be that lucky, even though she thinks she’s off scot-free.

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But for Phyllis to think that she’s outsmarted Tucker—she gives herself way too much credit and she’s underestimating him!

Phyllis has helped on criminal jobs before-she’s an experienced computer hacker, among other things, but she told Tucker this was the last time, after he asked her to move some money.

Y & R Spoilers – Phyllis Summers Stole Money From Jabot To Frame Billy Abbott

Phyllis had stolen money from Jabot in order to frame Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) for embezzlement at Tucker’s bidding, Tucker paying her a substantial sum to do so.

Tucker paid her over two million bucks, and Phyllis thinks he’d never go through with his threat to destroy her daughter Summer Newman’s (Allison Lanier) company.

Phyllis basked in sweet revenge since Billy had once broken her heart when he slept with Summer-but he didn’t get busted for the embezzlement she manufactured!

Even though Phyllis swore she’d never do anything criminal or unethical again, wanting to prove to her children she’s changed, it could all fall apart in her face.

There was too short of a time between Tucker paying her and her moving the money, and that could be very incriminating-not for Tucker, but for Phyllis!

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Will They Believe Her, No, They’ll Believe Him!

And what happens when Phyllis is caught for stealing the money and moving it, since her frame of Billy didn’t work-Tucker will throw her under the bus, of course!

They’ll believe Tucker, they won’t believe her, after Phyllis being so proud of her deviousness and hacking abilities that she thinks she’s the only one who could pull it off!

She’s bragged about her “skills” she’s honed for years in the past, so of course all the fingers will point straight at her, and she won’t be able to prove otherwise.

Even though everyone in Genoa City hates Tucker, he doesn’t care since Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) dumped him.

Phyllis is supposedly trying to redeem herself, but Jack and Diane Jenkins Abbott (Peter Bergman, Susan Walters) and Billy already figured it out; and Tucker, who paid her goes scot-free!

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