The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Eric Braeden Says Victor Is Treating Adam Farily

In a recent exclusive interview with Soap Opera Digest, The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden,

renowned for his portrayal of the iconic character Victor Newman,

shared his perspective on Victor’s relationship with his son, Adam Newman.

Braeden firmly believes that Victor’s actions are rooted in fairness, despite the ongoing family drama. Here’s an inside look at what Braeden had to say.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Eric Braeden’s Take on Victor and Adam’s Dynamic

Eric Braeden expressed his delight at witnessing Victor Newman’s return to the helm of Newman Enterprises, emphasizing that Victor’s leadership had been absent for far too long. According to Braeden, the Newman siblings, including Adam, seem ill-equipped to manage a conglomerate of Newman Enterprises’ magnitude independently.

Braeden’s words reflect this sentiment: “You know, hope springs eternal! Obviously, every father would love his family to get along. And you find out, painfully, that certain habits die hard. He certainly gave it a try and I mean, the brilliance of the Adam story, from its very beginning, when it was conceived by Bill [Bell, Y&R’s creator and former head writer], which bears fruit now and has for quite some time, is that obviously, Adam feels perennially lesser than, and feels like an outsider. And that is so deeply imbued that try as Victor may, he seemingly does not ever get rid of that feeling. And that is a wellspring for all kinds of drama. It’s fantastic! It’s brilliantly done.”

What Lies Ahead for the Newman Family?

Braeden vehemently refuted claims that Victor treats his son Adam unfairly in comparison to his other children, Victoria and Nick. The actor provided insights into Victor’s loyalty and support for Adam throughout their tumultuous relationship. Braeden explained, “Victor has expressed his loyalty and his support to him many, many times over and has tried to explain to him that it was not his decision for the boy to be raised on the farm by Hope. He wanted him to be raised in Genoa City. I put that in [dialogue] myself because the writers sometimes seem to forget. The facts are and the history was that Hope decided to move back to the farm in Kansas against Victor’s wishes, but he understood [her decision]. So there you are.”

What’s on the Horizon for The Young and the Restless?

As the drama within the Newman family continues to unfold, fans of The Young and the Restless can expect more twists and turns in the storyline. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes, as there’s undoubtedly much more intrigue to come.

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Eric Braeden’s perspective offers viewers a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships that make The Young and the Restless a beloved and enduring daytime drama. With Victor Newman at the center of it all, the saga continues to captivate audiences around the world.


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