The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ashley’s Revenge on Tucker – Strikes Back After Abbott Family Chaos Erupts

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) will refuse to give up on dismantling the

Abbott clan. Tucker even compared the Abbotts to a cult in the October 6 episode, so he feels like they brainwashed Ashley

Abbott (Eileen Davidson) into ultimately turning against him.

However, Tucker can’t comprehend real family loyalty since he mostly just cares about himself!

It’s true that Tucker has tried to form a bond with Devon Hamilton-Winters (Bryton James) and Dominic Newman-Abbott-

Winters-Chancellor (Rainn and River Ware), but his own agenda is always his priority.

That’s why Tucker will continue scheming and will put his need for payback above all else. Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) blackmail threat won’t stop Tucker from trying to achieve his goals.

Tucker’s going to make some bold moves, but Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) will thwart at least one of them during the week of October 9-13.

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After Jack outwits his opponent, that’s sure to rile Tucker up even more.

Tucker may become a man who’s pushed further and further over the edge, so that could lead to growing issues for Jabot and the Abbott family.

As for Ashley, Y&R spoilers say she’ll get updates on some of Tucker’s outrageous behavior as this storyline moves along.

That’ll set the stage for Ashley to strike back during the week of October 16-20.

Ashley will no doubt want a little revenge of her own since Tucker has decided to target Jabot as well as her siblings.

It’s clear that Ashley isn’t someone who tolerates that sort of thing, especially not from Tucker considering his shady history.

The more Tucker digs his heels in on this plot, the angrier Ashley will become.

Ashley won’t want to be the reason Jabot and her family members are under fire, so she may devise a new plan to handle Tucker before this gets out of hand.

Will Ashley try to dupe Tucker into thinking they might reunite? Could Ashley manipulate Tucker’s heart and use that vulnerability to gain the upper hand somehow?

That’s an option to consider, but Ashley might stand firmly against Tucker and make her disapproval known instead.

Ashley could just as easily tackle the problem head-on and plot Tucker’s takedown in a more blatant way.

Whatever the case, Ashley will be furious with Tucker for his role in destroying their marriage and for going after her loved ones as well as the family business.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Ashley will seek vengeance as a result, so stay tuned to see how Tucker will deal with that news.


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