The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Ashley lost faith in Tucker – and Chance created a trap to send him to prison

For months on The Young and the Restless, the Abbott family has warned Ashley (Eileen Davidson) not to get involved with

Tucker (Trevor St. John). However, she refused to listen. What started out as a tactical relationship between Ashley and Tucker,

as she originally reunited with him after all these years as a way to get under Jack’s (Peter Bergman) skin, turned into a real

romance that ended in a recent trip down the aisle.

When the duo got hitched, Jack wasn’t the biggest fan of the newlyweds, but Ashley’s brother decided to support them. Jack even gave Ashley her company’s assets as a wedding gift so she could start her business Simply Ashley with Tucker, which was a big gesture considering the siblings had been feuding for months.

The sincerity of Jack’s actions ultimately led to him and Ashley agreeing to a real truce and repairing their fractured family bond. It also left Ashley with a lot to think about heading into her honeymoon with Tucker.

Fast forward to the episode airing on September 12, and a very irritable Tucker is back in Genoa City without Ashley. The first person to spot him is Audra (Zuleyka Silver) at the Athletic Club. When his friend tries to ask why he’s back from Paris so soon and where his wife is, Tucker loses his cool and not so nicely tells Audra it’s none of her business. However, he does offer her the bone that whatever happened between him and Ashley is Jack’s fault.

Speaking of Jack, he, Billy (Jason Thompson) and Diane (Susan Walters) arrive at the club to have lunch when they also take notice of Tucker’s sudden return to town and Ashley’s absence. Of course, they immediately begin grilling him. He offers them zero details which prompts Jack to call his sister, who doesn’t answer the phone.

Once Tucker storms off and is alone, he flashes back to a conversation he had with Ashley in Paris, who reflects on her last reconciliation with Jack. She looks thoughtful as she recalls the strength of her bond with her brother. Tucker takes note of her expression and admits to not liking what the look could mean.

In the final moments of the episode, that’s when Tucker drops quite the telling clue as to what may be next for him. Picking up some food he spots Heather (Vail Bloom) and they exchange awkward pleasantries. Then he inquires if she’s staying in town because if she decides to stay, he’s “gonna need a good attorney.”

Those words immediately got us thinking that Tucker and Ashley may be headed for divorce. That the argument between the couple in Paris was so explosive that Tucker sees no way to continue on in the relationship.

If we had to guess the cause for the disagreement, it was that Ashley told Tucker that she was no longer going to launch Simply Ashley and that she’s going back to Jabot with her assets. A move like that would effectively leave Tucker frustrated and again out of a job, as there is no way Jack and Billy would welcome him as an employee of Jabot.

Should our hunch be correct, Ashley may want to be careful. As people on the soap have said time and time again, Tucker is dangerous. Considering he took care of a lot of the paperwork as far as Simply Ashley is concerned and looked at contracts for Ashley when she wanted to break from Jabot, he likely knows where all the loopholes are in case he wanted to go after Ashley’s assets and prevent them from being folded back into her family company.

We also have to mention the fact that we aren’t totally confident that Ashley and Tucker signed a prenup before getting married. If they didn’t, Tucker may go after more than just Ashley’s assets. He could even go after some of her shares in Jabot. That would be rather ironic considering everyone was focused on Diane taking similar actions if Jack didn’t force her to sign a prenup.

It looks like we’ll have to keep our eye on not only Adam (Mark Grossman) this fall, but Tucker as well.


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