The Young and the Restless Recap: Monday, September 25 – Adam Makes A Play For Sally – Tucker Blackmails Phyllis

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) recap for Monday, September 25,

teases that Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) crosses the line with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Phyllis instructs Tucker to transfer half the money to her, but after checking,

she sees he shorted her $100,000. She waits while he transfers the rest.

Phyllis must know Tucker’s plans for Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). She wants to make sure no one can trace the hack. She suggests going to a public WIFI to make it harder to track.

Tucker reassures Phyllis that Billy won’t know anyone accessed his account. McCall informs Phyllis that he needs her to hack into other accounts. Phyllis refuses. She only agreed to hack into his accounts, not transfer money between accounts. She’s not a thief.

Y&R spoilers say that Tucker instructs Phyllis to make a large transfer from Jabot to Billy’s account. He wants it to look like Billy is stealing from the company.

Phyllis doesn’t understand why Tucker would frame Billy. Tucker explains that he likes Billy but will help him achieve his objective. McCall refuses to tell Phyllis his endgame.

Red refuses to frame Billy for embezzlement. She said he has changed and doesn’t deserve to be collateral damage in Tucker’s game. McCall reminds her that Billy did steal from Jabot before, so Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) would believe he would do it again.

Tucker loses his patience with Phyllis. He warns her not to upset him, urging her to get to work. If Phyllis cannot complete the task, Tucker wants a full refund.

Phyllis gets to work to get access to Billy’s account. She hits a firewall and worries she cannot get around it. Tucker accuses Phyllis of stalling, but she figures it out and gains access.

At the Abbott Estate, Jack and Billy are in a full-blown argument. Billy doesn’t like that Jack expects him to fail. Jack worries that Billy was tempted by Tucker and Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) offer. Billy confirms he was, but he immediately told him about it.

Jack believes that Billy feels overlooked, making him act out. He isn’t sure it’s working anymore, suggesting he’s considering firing him from Jabot.

Billy argues that he didn’t say anything to Devon Winters (Bryton James) that Tucker hadn’t told him. Devon claimed not to know why Ashley and Tucker’s marriage ended. He ended the conversation with Devon with a warning. He felt compelled to alert Devon to keep his guard up with Tucker.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say that Billy just wants to protect Jabot. He says it’s not because he feels cheated by Jack but because he’s the co-CEO, and it’s his job. Billy knows that Tucker will lash out, and Jack needs to have several allies, including Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

Billy tells Jack they can share info from other sources to keep Jabot safe. Jack worries that Billy is using this ploy to keep his job. Jack informs Billy he is not fired but demands they start working together.

Y&R spoilers say that Billy urges Jack to speak to Adam about Tucker. He has information on him that they might be able to use. Billy worries Adam won’t share the tidbit with him, urging Jack to use his connection with Adam to protect Jabot. Jack agrees.

At the GCAC, Adam finds Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) working on her tablet. He apologizes for the kiss but cannot pretend it didn’t happen. Adam hates that he put her in an awkward position but refuses to apologize for kissing her.

Adam cannot stop thinking about it. Sally thinks Adam should drop it because it was progress for them to have dinner together and act normal. She urges him not to make it more than it was.

Sally begs Adam not to tell her the reasons they should be together. She thinks that he’s overthinking this.

Adam complains that everyone is dismissing his vow to change. She denies doing that but urges him to respect her relationship with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow).

The Young and the Restless spoilers say that Adam is confident that Sally still loves him. She stops him, requesting him to stop telling her how she feels. Sally says it doesn’t matter anyway; she moved on with Nick, and he’s busy trying to prove himself to his dad.

Sally thinks it’s wishful thinking on Adam’s part to believe she has unresolved feelings for him. Adam admits he’s holding on to the hope that she will want a reunion one day. Sally doesn’t know what to say. Adam exits, saying he doesn’t want to put pressure on Spectra.

Phyllis spots Billy in the foyer of the GCAC. He asks her about the job at SNA Media. She says it’s all up in the air following Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) company restructuring. Billy is confident Phyllis will figure something out– she’s resourceful.

As Tucker comes down the stairs and glares at Red, she looks guilty. Billy asks if she’s okay, and Phyllis immediately says she’s fine as she exits the building.

In Sally’s suite, she receives flowers from Nick. She thinks back to that kiss with Adam. She hates that she cannot stop thinking about him.

Alone in the Jazz Lounge, Adam gets a call from Jack. He tells Abbott he knows precisely why he called, agreeing to meet.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say that Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) will uncover “Billy’s” embezzlement later in the week.


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