The end in sight for evil Clayton as his victims fight back in EastEnders

This article contains spoilers for Friday’s (June 28) EastEnders, which has not yet aired on TV but is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) took a huge step forward in recent EastEnders scenes when she sat down with another of Pastor Clayton’s (Howard Saddler) victims.

Viewers will know that Yolande suffered a terrifying ordeal when she was sexually assaulted by the Pastor, and recent scenes have seen her seek help from her family and the police.

Unfortunately, she was left devastated when the police informed her that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the Pastor for his crime.Yolande and Delia sitting and holding hands in EastEnders


Coronation Street: Bobby looks for Ken
Yolande and Pastor Clayton at the donation table in the community centre in EastEnders
However, things soon began looking up when churchgoer Levi revealed that he had done some digging, and had managed to get in contact with a woman called Delia, who had also been assaulted by the Pastor.

In more recent scenes, Yolande met with Delia, though it soon became clear that she was having second thoughts about reliving her ordeal.

Yolande talks to a police officer in EastEnders
Knowing that the only way to get Pastor Clayton arrested was to get Delia to speak to police, Yolande begged her to stay and chat.

As the pair talked, Delia revealed that she had tried to speak out against Pastor Clayton before, but it hadn’t helped her at all, as nothing had been done, so she couldn’t see how trying again now would help.


Yolande began to open up about her experience, and how the Pastor had made her feel in the hopes of striking a chord with her, before promising that Delia wouldn’t be speaking out alone this time.

Eventually, Delia agreed to speak to the police, and Yolande accompanied her to the station for moral support.

With both Yolande and Delia speaking out against Pastor Clayton, will he finally be brought to justice?

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