The Bold & Beautiful Twist That Would Bring Sheila’s Arc Full Circle… Even as It Sends Her to the ‘Grave’

The Bold and the Beautiful has written itself into a bit of a corner where Sheila is concerned. On one hand, it has done backflips

to paint the madwoman in a sympathetic light. On the other, even as it has done so, it has often reminded us that she’s obsessive,

deranged and as inclined to homicide as ever a soap supervillain was.

Right now, biological son Finn is being pushed from every side to prove that he’s saner than Sheila is by finding a way to “make her go away for good” so that Steffy will return to him. We are clearly supposed to think that maybe Dr. Nice Guy will go so far as to kill Mommie Dearest.

Sheila Goes In Coma For Months, Kimberlin Brown Leaving Or Fired Bold and  the Beautiful - YouTube

Don’t bet on it, though. More likely, and at the same time more surprising, would be for Bold & Beautiful to have Steffy sneak back into L.A. while everyone believes that she’s in Europe and do in her tormentor. Since Steffy is thought to be overseas, she wouldn’t even be a suspect. And since the body isn’t found, there wouldn’t even be a case, only a suspicion on the part of Deacon, aka the only person who gives a [bleep] about Sheila.

Why no body? Because Finn would discover what Steffy has done, keep his mother breathing and have her shipped off to a long-term care facility to sleep off her coma under an assumed name. That way, the show can wake her up again in a few years for another round of “How crazy can I get?”

In the meantime, we’d have Steffy keeping a big secret from Finn — or so she thinks — and Finn keeping an equally big secret from Steffy. Their once-happy home would be turned into a tinderbox just waiting to explode.


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