The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Shocking Paternity Twist – Is Finn Not Jack’s Son?

We all know that in the world of soap opera, nothing is ever

as it seems and twists and turns are part of the course.

Similar is the case with The Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B has been entertaining audiences with crispy storylines over the years, and now it seems one more is on its way. What if we tell you that Finn’s biological father is actually Scott Grainger and not Jack? Well, that can be possible, and here’s why we think so!

Sheila Swap Baby With Lauren

To understand what we are trying to say, let’s first rewind the clock roughly 30 years, to when Sheila’s manipulative antics began. When Sheila entered Genoa City, she initially worked as a lab assistant to Lauren Fenmore’s then husband, Dr. Scott Grainger. Long-time The Bold and the Beautiful fans know Sheila’s obsession with Scott led her to drug him and become pregnant. As a result, Scott divorced his wife Lauren, who coincidentally was also pregnant.

B&B/ Lauren and Sheila fight

B&B/ Lauren and Sheila fight

Both women gave birth around the same time, but Sheila’s baby sadly passed away. In an attempt to cover up her deceit, Sheila bought another baby and switched it with Lauren’s child, Scott Jr., whom she claimed as her own. The truth eventually came to light during a confrontation between Sheila, Lauren, and Molly, who knew the real story. Molly confessed to Lauren, who then left Sheila in a burning farmhouse.

Now here’s where things get interesting on The Bold And The Beautiful! While we know that Sheila managed to swap her dead baby with Lauren’s healthy infant, there’s a crucial question that lingers around. Did Sheila actually give birth to a dead child, or was it all a part of a plan? This uncertainty opens up doors for an interesting theory that Finn might not be Jack’s son after all.

The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn’s Real Father Revealed

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are no strangers to such unexpected twists and turns. So could the show’s creators be considering a clever retcon to shake up Finn’s life yet again? What if by some chance, Sheila actually gave birth to Scott’s child but made it look like Jack was the father? It could be possible that she somehow tricked Scott again or managed to get his sperm.

B&B/ Finn and Sheila

B&B/ Finn and Sheila

She could have used IVF to have a child and later engaged with Jack. It’s possible he manipulated him into thinking the child was theirs, with the intention of coming back for him. One of the reasons why this speculation is hitting so hard is that Sheila’s current obsession with Finn doesn’t add up to the viewers. She has children with Dr. Warwick, Massimo Marone, and twins with Tom Fisher. Yet, her desperation to win back Finn seems to have no end. Just like she was hella obsessed with Scott at one point in time.

So what do you think of this interesting theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know what you think!


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