The Bold And The Beautiful Recap Tuesday, September 12: Brooke Delivers A Message, Ridge Is In Charge, Carter Defends Eric

The Bold And The Beautiful recap for Tuesday, September 12, 2023,

indicates that Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) doesn’t understand

why Eric Forrester (John McCook) wants to work from home.

Eric says Ridge isn’t going to stop him from producing this final collection. Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) loves to watch Ridge work. Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) lines up a deal for Ridge. Katie Logan (Heather Tom) loves it when Carter talks business.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap Highlights

Katie believes that this is Ridge’s finest collection ever. The models ask Ridge if this is because Ridge and Brooke are back together. Thomas agrees with the models.

Ridge says Brooke has that effect on him. Thomas says that seems to be working. Ridge tells Thomas that Eric believes he is trying to push him out of the company. Ridge tells Thomas about his issues with Eric.

Thomas understands where Eric is coming from. Eric says you think you know somebody and then. Ridge tells Thomas about the stapler. Ridge says Eric doesn’t think he wants him to work anymore. Thomas has a hard time understanding that. Ridge wants Eric to enjoy these years. Ridge is running the place because Eric asked him to.

Thomas tells Ridge to remember those words because one day it will be his turn to step down. Ridge says that will be a sad day but he will look at Thomas and be glad he is there to take over. Ridge wants to be respectful but right now this is his vision.

As long as Ridge is there, the future of the company is what he wants. Brooke returns and tells Ridge that RJ is designing with Eric. Brooke tells Ridge that Eric is working on his last collection and he seems really determined. Brooke tells Ridge that Eric is coming after him.


B&B Recap – Eric Forrester Is Determined To Create This Line

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers Brooke doesn’t understand what all of this is about. Eric misses designing. Eric says people don’t see him as who he is. Eric won’t be shelved by his own son. Eric thought Ridge would have talked to Brooke about this. Eric says that Ridge has been talking about him like he is a dinosaur.

Brooke tells Eric he needs to relax and spend some time with Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis). Donna says Eric wants to create his final collection. Brooke is glad that RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) is helping but she doesn’t understand the secrecy. Eric wants this to be his collection and nobody else’s. Brooke says RJ is working with Eric, so why not Ridge?

Eric says Ridge needs to be at the top of his game because Eric is coming for him. Donna doesn’t think Eric should get so worked up over this. Eric asks RJ if he believes in him. RJ loves working with Eric. Eric says it is time to show everyone that Eric cannot be replaced the best is yet to come.

The Bold And The Beautiful Recap – Katie Logan Believes Eric Forrester Should Retire

Katie isn’t surprised that Ridge is on point. Katie says that Couture is very important too. Katie says that Ridge thinks Eric should take a step back. Carter doesn’t see that happening anytime soon. Carter says Eric is still important to the company. Katie says there is a line of Forresters waiting in the wings. Carter does not agree with Katie at all.

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