The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn Jumps To The DARK SIDE

Have you ever wondered what would be Steffy’s storyline

when she returns to The Bold and the Beautiful?

While the actress playing Steffy was on maternity leave,

fans were left speculating about her character’s fate. One interesting theory, suggested, has taken the soap opera world by storm. It revolves around the transformation of Finn from a loving and caring husband to a dark and villainous character. Let’s delve into this gripping storyline and explore the possibilities that await Steffy upon her return to Los Angeles!

Liam’s Betrayal, Will Finn Seek Revenge With Sheila’s Help?

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful very well know that Liam has a history of cheating on Hope with Steffy, not just once, but multiple times. The most recent incident took place when he he turned to Steffy for comfort and shared Hope’s betrayal with her. And, in a shocking turn of events, he kissed Steffy, displaying a clear hypocrisy in his actions. But that’s not the end of it. Upon his return from Rome, Liam once again shared a passionate kiss with Steffy at her cliff house.

What’s even more surprising is that, Finn is still in dark with all of this. On the top of it, Steffy chose to leave Los Angeles without even revealing the truth to him. The question now lingers: What if Finn discovers the truth about Liam’s actions when Steffy returns? It would be shocking to witness Liam sharing yet another intimate moment with Steffy behind Finn’s back. But what if this time Finn catches them in the act and decides to ask for a divorce, discovering that this incident isn’t the only one?

As fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have theorized, Finn might not just settle down with a simple divorce. This heart-wrenching betrayal could push him to the brink, and he may decide to take a page from his mother Sheila’s playbook. The fans theory suggested that in order to take a revenge from Liam, his vulnerability might lead him to reach out to Sheila. He might plead her to help him take revenge from Liam. Of course, Sheila will never refuse to as she has been waiting for this day from so long. Could this be the beginning of a dark alliance between Finn and Sheila?

The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn’s Dangerous Gamble Put Liam’s Live In Danger

The possibilities are endless, and the audience can’t help but wonder how far Finn will go to reunite with his son. While Liam will be playing with Kelly and Hayes, and Steffy will be upstairs in her room lying in bed relaxing with view outside of her house, too her shock, she can see Finn walking towards the door. Soon a knock at the door will be heard. As Liam tells the kids he will be back in a second, he will get up to answer it, when he opens the door he will find Finn standing there.

Shocked to see Finn at his door, he will ask him the reason about his arrival. In response Finn will say that he has come to see his son Hayes. As a result Liam will turn back to get Hayes and in the moment Finn pull of his gun, shot Liam and takes Hayes alone with him. Steffy overhears the sound of the bullet and rush to see what happens. However, it’s already late and Finn has already taken Hayes, leaving Liam unconscious on a floor.

Meanwhile, Finn’s high-speed escape will lead him to a secluded spot. He will pull over, gasping for breath and contemplating the magnitude of what he has just done. He will realize there’s no turning back, and he has just thrown his entire life into chaos. His call with Sheila had been brief, but it had given him a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. If he could escape the clutches of the law, perhaps there was a chance for a new beginning with his son and Sheila by his side.

While this theory is purely speculative and comes from the imagination of a dedicated fan, you never know but it might just turn down into reality. In the world of daytime drama, anything is possible. So if you want know all the latest updates of The Bold and the Beautiful, stay tuned to TV Seasons and Spoilers.


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