The Bold And The Beautiful: Eric Is FOOLING RJ, Trick To Bring Him Into The Family Business

On The Bold and the Beautiful, RJ never wanted to get into the family business.

When he made a return to Genoa City, he made it clear that he want to continue his journey as an influencer,

and nothing else. The family’s fashion business was the last thing he expected to be a part of.

Yet, against all odds, Eric managed to pull him in. But there’s a twist in the tale, was this all a part of plan to bring RJ on board? Did Eric manage to outsmart him? Let’s delve into the possibility!

RJ Joins Family Fashion Empire

When RJ returned to The Bold And The Beautiful, his dad, Ridge, really wanted him to work in the family fashion business. Ridge hoped RJ would carry on the Forrester family’s tradition of making stylish clothes. But RJ had different plans. He didn’t want to get involved in all the family drama that often happened at Forrester Creations. But fate had something else in mind for him.

The Bold And The Beautiful

A little while ago, Eric proposed a collaborative project with Ridge about the legacy line that would etch their names forever in the world of fashion. This project was meant to honor their loyal customers and leave a lasting impact on the industry. But Ridge said he was too busy with his own stuff and turned down Eric’s idea. This made Ridge and his dad have a big argument on The Bold and the Beautiful.

To everyone’s surprise, it was RJ who stepped up to the plate and agreed to help Eric with the legacy line, despite his earlier reluctance to join the family business. Actually Eric convinced his grandson by telling that he has arthritis and need in help in designing his legacy line. On The Bold and the Beautiful RJ wanted to help his grandpa because he cared about him.

The Bold And The Beautiful: Did Eric And Ridge Deceive RJ Into The Family Business?

But what if we were to tell you that Eric’s health issues might not be what they seem on The Bold and the Beautiful? Rumors are swirling that Eric and Ridge might have cooked up a plan to bring RJ into the family business. It’s beginning to look like it was all a clever ruse from the start, and they may have fooled RJ completely. However, if this rumor turns out to be true, RJ is not the type to take things lying down. The question on everyone’s mind now is, what will RJ do when he finds out the truth? This is turn out to be true, RJ is bound to be furious about being played like a pawn in their game.

The Bold And The Beautiful

Will this revolution lead RJ to leave the town one again? We don’t what RJ’s future hold The Bold and the Beautiful. But one is it for sure, it would be interesting to see RJ in finally in full swing. Will RJ forgive his family for the trickery, or will he decide to walk away from it all? Only time will tell, so till then stick around to see what happens next. Meanwhile, stay glued to TV Season & Spoilers for your daily fix of The Bold and the Beautiful news and gossip!


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