Terrible disaster will happen to Beth next month, you won’t believe it | Bold and Beautiful Spoilers

Hope Logan is really turning up the heat on Bold and the Beautiful,

taking some bold steps in her pursuit of Thomas Forrester.

Thomas, however, begins to wonder what’s going on with her.

Hope seems unflappable and is willing to take risks that the old Hope Logan wouldn’t have considered on the CBS soap.

In a recent encounter, Hope and Thomas found themselves alone behind closed doors. They even took the extra step to lock the office door.

Hope made sure Thomas saw her do it. However, just as they were finishing up, Brooke Logan entered, only to find the door wide open.

This leaves everyone questioning why the door was left unlocked. The Bold and the Beautiful cameras clearly captured Hope securing the lock, even the distinct click was audible.

So, what led her to change her mind and seemingly unlock the door again?

It’s a puzzling turn of events, and viewers are eager to find out the truth behind this unexpected twist.

But spoilers also say that a terrible thing will also happen to her daughter Beth, and it will change her life forever.

Hope and Liam have a close connection through their daughter, so they could come back together if something happens to Beth.

This shocking bombshell will shock everybody in town, and let’s wait to see what will happen to Beth this time.

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