Taylor tells Ridge a big news that will make him jealous | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Steffy Forrester has left for Rome with her children to meet Taylor Hayes.

It’s a big change, and Steffy could use some support.

Meanwhile, some wonder if Taylor might find a new romance during her time in Rome.

For a long time, Taylor has held feelings for Ridge Forrester. But Ridge often goes back to Brooke Logan. Perhaps Taylor has finally decided it’s time to move on.

With Ridge and Brooke back together, there’s not much for Taylor to do. It might be time for her to break free from this cycle.

Taylor is smart and beautiful, and she deserves a fresh start.

Since Ridge and Brooke got back together, Taylor hasn’t been seen with anyone else. But that could change soon.

If Ridge gets jealous, it might stir up more trouble between Brooke and Taylor.

It’s been decades of rivalry between Brooke and Taylor. Maybe it’s time to let go of the feud. Ridge should be happy for Taylor if she finds someone new.

After all, he’s chosen to be with Brooke.

If Taylor’s happiness makes Ridge reconsider his feelings, it could lead to more complications. This might even lead to Ridge and Brooke breaking up again.

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