Taylor returns with a master plan to destroy Brooke and Ridge’s wedding | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Towards the end of September and beginning of October, Taylor Hayes, played by Krista Allen,

is set to make several appearances on the show.

This might be reassuring news for fans who were concerned about her status in the series.

It seems Taylor will return after Steffy mentioned meeting her in Rome.

She’ll likely have updates about how her daughter is doing and where she might have settled in Europe.

In this emotional time, Taylor will be a source of comfort for Finn, who is struggling with the loss of Steffy and their kids.

This separation is clearly taking a toll on him, and he’ll be thankful to have Taylor as someone who understands.

Taylor may offer reassurance to Finn, expressing her support and encouragement for him to work things out with Steffy.

After all, Steffy and Finn have overcome significant challenges to be together, and Taylor will want him to keep that goal in sight.

But spoilers say that Taylor also has a new plan in this comeback, because she wants to revenge on Brooke.

Looks like Brooke and Ridge’s wedding will be destroyed by Taylor’s master plan, let’s wait and see what will happen.

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