Taylor returns from Paris to tell Finn a bad news about his wife Steffy | The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Finn is feeling incredibly sad now that Steffy, the love of his life, has left the continent with their kids.

It’s all thanks to his biological mom, Sheila, who has caused so much turmoil

that Steffy doesn’t feel safe anywhere close to her.

So, Finn is understandably heartbroken and wishes he could bring his family back.  However, for now, it seems like he’s unable to do so.

During the week of September 18 to 22, Finn will find comfort in the support of his adoptive mother, Li. She strongly encourages him to take decisive action against Sheila once and for all. Li believes that Finn must do whatever it takes to reunite his family, even if it means dealing with his troublesome biological mother.

As we transition from September into October, there’s good news for fans. Taylor, who hasn’t been around for a while, is set to make her return to Los Angeles. This is reassuring for viewers who are concerned about her status with the show. Although Krista Allen, the actress who plays Taylor, is still under contract, we might see her in multiple appearances.

Before Steffy left, she mentioned the possibility of meeting Taylor in Rome before settling down somewhere in Europe. So, Taylor’s return will likely bring updates on Steffy’s well-being and her potential whereabouts.

Taylor will step into a comforting role as she consoles the heartbroken Finn, who is struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and their children.

This separation has been incredibly tough on Finn emotionally. He’ll be grateful to have Taylor as a sympathetic and understanding confidante. Taylor may express her continued support for Finn in his efforts to resolve the issues with Steffy and salvage their relationship.

Many fans may be wondering if Finn and Taylor will cross a boundary and become involved romantically. Given the current situation, it seems unlikely. Taylor truly wants Sinn to reunite and is focused on the happiness of her daughter. Expect Taylor to return with updates on Steffy and provide much-needed emotional support to Finn during this trying time.

She’ll be a helpful sounding board, and Finn will be grateful to have his mother-in-law’s comforting presence when his wife is far away.

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