Steffy suddenly comes home but she can’t believe in her eyes | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Hope believes that she can’t follow her mother’s mistakes in choosing her man, but she doesn’t know that she is becoming a

mini-version of her mother.

Taylor is right, Hope doesn’t want a future with Thomas at all, she just sees him as a bedroom partner, and she won’t marry him.

Hope just wants to fill her love life with another man, she is tired of Liam, and she chooses Thomas as another option.

Thomas doesn’t know about that, he is satisfied with what’s going on right now, and he doesn’t want to change anything.

Even when Hope doesn’t want to marry him, Thomas still accepts that this man is totally blind by love.

So Taylor has the right to start her actions to stop Hope and save her son before it is too late. Taylor will try to stop this relationship.

But spoilers say that a shocking bombshell will happen between Hope and Finn, and we bet that no one will like this one a little bit.

Hope and Finn are good friends, they confide with each other about their problems, and we know that there is more to this.

Hope even said that Steffy is lucky to have a man like Finn, so maybe Hope has feelings for Finn too.

Spoilers say that Steffy will decide to come home for a while, but she will be shocked by what’s happening in her house.

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