Sheila overhears Liam and Wyatt talking about the kisses with Steffy | The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Spoilers suggest that Sheila will stumble upon a major secret.

The persistent troublemaker has been trying to find a way to break Steffy and Finn’s marriage.

While at Spencer Publications, Sheila overhears Liam and Wyatt discussing Steffy.

According to Wyatt, it’s not just a one-time kiss between Liam and Steffy, but it happened two times.

This revelation shocks Sheila. She’s confident that she can use this information to her advantage concerning Finn.

Rather than engaging with Liam directly about Steffy, Sheila chooses to go directly to Finn.

She shares the scoop with her son, emphasizing that Liam might be a bigger threat than Finn realizes.

Sheila advises him to consider the possibility of Steffy still harboring feelings for her ex. She doesn’t want Finn to end up with a broken heart.

At first, Finn will be shocked and won’t believe about his mom’s words, but he will douct about his wife’s loyalty.

Especially when Steffy and Liam had been together so close lately, Finn will grow concerns and try to find the truth.

If Finn finds out that Liam and Steffy kissed twice, it could bring a huge problem in their marriage as well.

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