Sheila Learns a Shocking Secret After Saying Goodbye to ‘Daddy’ — and Hope Asks Thomas to ‘Do It Again’

At the cliff house, Finn vows to Li that he won’t risk losing his family;

Sheila has caused enough damage as it is. But there’s something else he needs her to know.

He needs to be sure she realizes how much he loves and respects her, “You’re my mom.”

Li gets choked up as he holds her hands and apologizes for calling Sheila “Mom”. Li is the woman who made him who he is today. They embrace. Finn says that once he figures out a way to get through to Sheila, he will never see her again.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila tells him she doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with his daughter… the same kind she hopes to have one day with his son. She’s well aware that their situations are very different, but she’s determined to find a way to be part of Finn’s life.

At Thomas’s place, he and Hope still can’t believe Douglas set up a romantic dinner for them. The boy says he loves them so much, “And I think you love each other toooo!” Hope and Thomas laugh awkwardly. Douglas gestures, “Madame,” and seats Hope, followed by Thomas, and then takes their wine order. Hope tells the kid how sweet he is and thanks him for doing all of this. She hugs him.
Hope Thomas Douglas B&B

After Douglas has served pizza, Thomas and Hope gush over it. Douglas announces he should get going home — Aunt Donna is on her way back to pick him up. He wants to give them time alone and is sure to remind them that his dream come true would be them all living together as a happy family. They get up to hug Douglas and gaze at each other.

At the cliff house, Li goes on to Finn about his father keeping the Sheila secret from her. It makes her wonder what else he’s kept from her. She recaps that Jack brought Sheila into their lives and defended himself, “He said if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be here.” Finn is sorry and embraces his mom. Finn recaps that Li didn’t let his dad’s lie tear her down. She’s pushing forward and making sure he’s done the same. He’ll find a way to get through to Sheila. They embrace.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila recaps that she and Deacon are ending it because they want long and lasting relationships with their kids. Neither of them wants it to end, but Deacon doesn’t want to lose Hope. Sheila wants a relationship with Finn. She doesn’t want to walk in the shadows, hiding from the outraged stares any longer — especially from the Forresters. Deacon notes, “One Forrester in particular. Steffy.”
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Deacon continues to say that with Steffy still in the way, he doesn’t see how Sheila has a path back to Finn. Sheila reminds him not to doubt her, “There is no mistaking that bond between a mother and her son.”

At Thomas’s place, Thomas and Hope chuckle about their kid and Hope gets a text from Douglas letting them know there are cookies in the kitchen. Thomas, turning serious, tells Hope their son was right, “I do love you.” He knows she’s not there yet. Thomas recaps that he made mistakes in the past, but he’s changed, “I promise that I did not tell Douglas to do any of this.” Hope already figured that out. Thomas doesn’t want to ruin the moment, but lets her know that he only wants to be with her, “Just you.” He was the wrong guy in the past but he’s better now, “I’m a new man. And Douglas is right about one more thing. You miss your family, of course you do, but Liam hurt you. And that’s not your only family. Our family is right here.” Hope considers this.

Thomas says Douglas isn’t wrong, “We’re a family, Hope.” They could have everything Douglas has always wanted — a family together sharing more moments like this. He knows she’s not there yet, but when things change, “I will be right here because I have always loved you.” Hope tells him how good it feels to be in his arms; a man who loves her and only her. “I can feel your love, what you share with me, Thomas, and it feels good. Will you do it again? Tell me I’m the only one.” Thomas says, “You are the only one,” and they start making out.
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila emerges from the back room with her bags in tow. Deacon gets a text that he’s needed at the restaurant. Sheila understands. She says, “Is this goodbye? My knight in shining armor.” She doesn’t know what she would have done if he hadn’t taken her in, “It was so nice having you to rely on. I’m going to miss you, Deacon Sharpe.” He replies, “I’m going to miss you too, Sheila Carter. Good luck, because I’m going to be rooting for you.” They kiss tenderly, and she whispers, “Goodbye, Daddy.” Deacon walks out. Sheila fights tears and gasps.
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At the cliff house, Li asks Finn to be honest, “There isn’t any part of you that wanted to let Sheila go when she had her heart attack?” Finn knew the terror and pain she has caused, and that she and Steffy wanted it to be over, but he had a job to do. “Regardless, she’s back in our lives, and I might not know exactly how yet, but I’m going to find a way to get through to Sheila.”

Once she knows he’s done with her, she’ll leave.

In Il Giardino, Deacon is seated with the judge who released Sheila and tells him, “I can’t thank you enough for your help.” The judge reminds him they’re old friends and go way back, “Although, who would have thought you’d be the town’s hottest restaurateur? And I’d have earned my judgeship… especially considering some of those situations you had to bail me out of at The Lair.” Deacon recalls a situation involving twins and a can of whipped cream. They laugh and toast. Suddenly, Sheila appears and spots them. She sits at a nearby table and eavesdrops as the judge tells Deacon he was a bit surprised by his request. Deacon says, “Sheila and I go way back too. We have a lot of history.” The judge marvels, “Her rap sheet. She’s not the kind of girl you bring home to mom.” At least he knows now why Deacon reached out to him. He alludes to having the attorneys involved file all the right motions, “Ms. Carter may never know, but the really big reason she’s a free woman is because of you, Deacon.” Sheila gasps and looks over her shoulder at Deacon.


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