SHAKE-UP Emmerdale cast: New, leaving and returning characters

Former Waterloo Road and Casualty star Christine Tremarco made her debut as Rose Jackson, who is described as “boisterous and bolshy”.

The Emmerdale newcomer shares a past with Will Taylor, and threatens to cause problems for his marriage to Kim Tate.

Announcing the news that she had joined Emmerdale, actress Christine said: I am thrilled to be joining Emmerdale!

“To be working with such a wonderful cast and crew along with the brilliant writing and production team is an absolute joy!

“Rose is so much fun to play. She is free-spirited, boisterous and totally mischievous with a steely edge and a big heart.”

Ella Forster played by Paula Lane
Former Corrie star Paula Lane joined the cast as Ella Forster

Actress Paula Lane joined the cast of Emmerdale in 2024, playing vet receptionist Ella Forster.

Soap fans will recognise her for portraying the late Kylie Platt in rival soap Coronation Street.

Talking about joining Emmerdale, actress Paula said: “Everyone has been so welcoming and I can’t wait to start a new chapter playing the role of Ella”.

“I’ve already heard there are big plans for her and I can’t wait to see her navigate a new life in the village and hopefully make some friends!”

Since Caleb Milligan rocked up Emmerdale with his past shrouded in mystery.

However, he did mention a “wife”, which turned out to be Ruby Fox-Milligan. Playing her is former The Bill star Beth Cordingly.

Speaking about joining the famous soap, the actress said at the time: “I’m delighted to be joining the cast of Emmerdale, it’s an enormous privilege and Ruby is a dream role.”

“She’s a firecracker and a troublemaker and I think people will love her or hate her, and I can’t wait to get stuck in with this fabulous cast.”

Who has left Emmerdale?
Nate Robinson played by Jurell Carter
Jurell Carter has quit the soap
Jurell Carter has quit the soapCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
On June 25, 2024, The Sun reported that Jurell Carte who plays Nate, has quit the soap.

Nate arrived in the Dales in 2019 and immediately caused chaos when he had an affair with Moira Dingle.

It then turned out that he was the estranged son of Moira’s husband Cain Dingle, and it was all just a plan of revenge.

Nata and his dad finally managed to make up and he went on to marry Tacey.

However, that relationship quickly came crashing down following her affair with Caleb.

And now it looks like there is no chance of reconciliation on the cards as it has been confirmed Nate will have a dramatic exit next year.

A source told us: “Nate has been at the centre of some huge storylines and his exit will be no different.

“It will be dramatic and explosive and will go down in Emmerdale history. It won’t be one to miss.

“Jurell has loved being on the soap but he’s a young actor and it’s understandable he wants to spread his wings.

“Five years is a good run but he feels it’s time.”

Ethan Anderson played by Emile John

In May 2024, viewers watched as Ethan collapsed and suddenly died.

He had been the victim of a hit and run weeks before, which had caused internal injuries which went undetected.

After his final scenes aired, actor Emile John took to Instagram and said: “After three years, Ethan’s journey on Emmerdale has come to an end,” he wrote in an emotional Instagram post.

Huge thank you to those of you who have been invested in any of my storylines throughout my time on the show, seeing your reactions and opening important conversations have made it all the more worth it. With Love, Ethan Out.

Emile John
“I feel extremely privileged to have entered this industry working on such an Iconic show. I honestly had the time of my life! Sharing the space with such talented folk on and off screen for the last few years has been a huge honour and an experience that’ll stay with me always.

“Huge thank you to those of you who have been invested in any of my storylines throughout my time on the show, seeing your reactions and opening important conversations have made it all the more worth it. With Love, Ethan Out.”

Cathy Hope was hoping to celebrate the New Year with an act of rebellion as she dragged her pal Angelica King and her twin brother Heath into one of her schemes.

The trio of teens managed to steal Wendy Posner’s car before driving around the Yorkshire village, with Cathy behind the wheel as she was took driving lessons from her half-brother Scott – but their New Year’s Eve celebrations took a turn.

After being unable to find his children, Bob Hope ventured into the night alongside Wendy and the pair found Angelica and Cathy on the side of the road, with the nurse’s car flipped over.

But while Cathy and Angelica made it out alive, Heath wasn’t as lucky and it was revealed later on that he had suffered fatal injuries during the crash.

Actor Sebastian Dowling’s last scenes were aired on New Year’s Day 2024.

The young star played Heath since he was an infant in 2007.

Emmerdale legend Steve Halliwell made his debut on the soap in 1994.

Soon enough, he became a household name as the head of the iconic Dingle family, becoming one of the show’s most beloved characters.

Throughout his stint, Zak had been involved in a plethora of storylines, butting heads with some members of his own family and sharing a heart-warming love story with his wife Lisa Dingle who passed away herself in 2019.

Steve went to sleep, peacefully with his loved ones around him. He was making us laugh to the end.

Steve Halliwell’s Family
The 77-year-old stalwart appeared in more than 2,300 episodes of the long-running program but his health had been an obstacle to him staying in the show on a permanent basis.

Sadly, on December 15, 2023, actor Steve died died “peacefully” leaving his wife Valerie and daughter Charlotte behind.

A statement released by his family following his passing read: “He went to sleep, peacefully with his loved ones around him.

“He was making us laugh to the end, the most amazing father and grandfather you could ever wish for, family was everything to him.”

“We would like to thank the wonderful staff at St James Hospital and the Wheatfield Hospice for their love and kindness in his final days.

“He didn’t want sadness, just to rejoice in a life well lived.”

Chloe Harris played by Jessie Elland
Chloe left Emmerdale in the wake of Harry aka Damon Harris’ death
Chloe left Emmerdale in the wake of Harry aka Damon Harris’ deathCredit: ITV
The fiery redhead was initially introduced as a love interest for village troublemaker Noah Dingle in August, 2021, but her story took a turn after she bedded Mackenzie Boyd.

As viewers will recall, Chloe fell pregnant with the hunk’s child and gave birth to him in dramatic scenes in 2023.

Following the birth of her son Reuben, Mackenzie ran to her in the hopes of forming a family after his infidelity was exposed and shattered his marriage with Charity Dingle.

The love triangle reached deadly heights when the trio were caught up in a car crash and Mackenzie left Chloe to die to save Charity.

Eventually, the heartthrob made his mind up and chose to call things off with Chloe, only for her to decide to run away from Emmerdale with Reuben.

However, her criminal father reputed to be dangerous and controlling, was revealed to be Harry (Robert Beck) aka Damon Harris.

The thug who was embroiled in a huge feud with Caleb Miligan and got involved in Chloe’s affairs and tried to get rid of Mackenzie to allow her to flee Emmerdale with Reuben without any backlash.

But Mack’s captivity ended in the death of Harry and an overwhelmed Chloe left Emmerdale with her baby boy soon after. Chloe blackmailed Charity and Mack, holding Harry’s death over their heads – which was enough to convince them to let her go quietly.

Actress Jessie Elland confirmed she had left the soap as her final scenes aired on Boxing Day, December 26, 2023.

Bosses have since confirmed that this would be the last viewers saw of her character.

Craig Reed played by Ben Addis
Ben Addis joined the Emmerdale line-up as Craig Reed earlier this year
Ben Addis joined the Emmerdale line-up as Craig Reed earlier this yearCredit: ITV
Lydia Dingle’s childhood sweetheart Craig Reed made his debut in August 2023, and was introduced as a successful entrepreneur.

By introducing him to life in the eponymous village, viewers got the chance to revisit Lydia’s past which was initially mentioned in 2019 as Craig was confirmed to be the father of her stillborn son Toby.

The pair of old friends were reunited at a careers fair in the village and it was confirmed he would become a prominent character as Lydia accepted a job offer from him.

At the time, the Home Farm cleaner was looking for extra cash in an attempt to support Amelia Spencer and her infant daughter Esther, making Craig’s proposal life-changing.

Lydia’s stepson Samson was impressed by Craig swanky lifestyle and car, thus deciding to work by his side.

Shortly after his introduction, it was revealed that Craig would rape Lydia in a hard-hitting storyline and soap fans have been left devastated to see the family woman become a shell of herself.

The plotline climaxed in Craig’s murder and Lydia played detective as she tried to figure out who was responsible.

Kim Tate eventually confessed her involvement in Craig’s death to her, which caused a stir in their friendship.

The villainous character was portrayed by Ben Addis, an actor known for his appearances in several other programs in the likes of Vera, Doctor Who and Hollyoaks.

David Metcalfe played by Matthew Wolfenden Jurell Carter is set to leave his role as Nate Robinson

Much like his real-life partner Charley Webb aka Debbie Dingle in the ITV Dales, soap legend Matthew Wolfenden decided to quit the soap too.

The actor confirmed he’d be leaving the long-running program during an appearance on the set of This Morning after 17 years.

Previous reports made by The Sun revealed he was allegedly unhappy with the lack of “gritty storylines” for his character.

Matthew’s character David left Emmerdale a heartbroken man after finding out that his son Jacob Gallagher was romantically involved with his former fiancée Victoria Sugden.

Bernice Blackstock played by Samantha Giles

Actress Samantha Giles joined the long-running program for the first time in 1998, becoming one of the Woolpack’s biggest icons.

Although she moved on to other projects throughout her stint in the Dales, including a book and an appearance in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks as Valerie Holden, Samantha always made her way back to the eponymous village.

Her final Emmerdale storyline and exit scenes were aired in mid-November, 2023, as Bernice was caught scheming behind her own sister Nicola King’s back.

While she was set to go to prison to pay for her financial crime, Bernice was let off the hook but decided to leave the Dales once again.

Which characters have returned to Emmerdale?
Tracy Metcalfe played by Amy Walsh

Actress Amy Walsh bid farewell to the Emmerdale to go on maternity leave, before returning to the soap.

She welcomed her first child after a “tough” birth with partner and former EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith in January, 2022.

Amy’s character Tracy first appeared in the soap all the way back in July 2014, when she was introduced as Sam Dingle’s love interest.

She came to the village after chatting with Sam via an adult chat line, and she ended up staying at Dingle Manor.

However, her relationship with Sam didn’t last long – she conned him out of his money, ended up sleeping in a barn and then went on to work for Val Pollard at the B&B.

Fast forward and Tracy married David Metcalfe before eventually falling for Nate Robinson with whom she welcomed a daughter named Frankie.

Vanessa Woodfield played by Michelle Hardwick

Actress Michelle Hardwick also left the village to go on maternity leave.

The soap star gave birth to her second child with Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks at the same time her final scenes were aired.

The vet left the village for a year-long job in Canada after falling out with her pal Rhona Goskirk.

Michelle announced that she would be reprising her role, and told fans: “I’m definitely going back!”

Her character Vanessa returned to the Dales in February 2024.

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