Quinn returns next month for Luna’s drama with the Forresters | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

As questions continue to surface at Forrester Creations about who should be in charge,

Eric requires someone by his side to advocate for his best interests.

In the end, Quinn stands out as the only individual in Eric’s life who isn’t somehow tangled up

with Forrester Creations or Hope For The Future.

It would be wonderful to witness her step in and come to Eric’s aid, ensuring his children don’t pressure him out of his own company.

There’s a circulating rumor that The Bold and the Beautiful didn’t handle Quinn’s departure fully because they’re on the lookout for a suitable replacement.

Might a “New Quinn” emerge, causing upheaval for the Forresters once she learns about how they’ve been treating Eric?

Meanwhile, Luna also becomes the new hot topic for viewers to discuss about her background, who called and warned her about staying away from the Forresters.

Looks like Luna’s family has a complicated history with the Forresters, and they don’t want Luna to have any connection with them.

But Luna is falling for RJ, and these two youngsters will soon start a new romantic relationship, it will also create a new drama.

Spoilers say that Quinn will return to town because of the chaos that Luna is creating, and looks like they are related.

Let’s wait and see the connection between Quinn and Luna, and how this storyline unfolds.

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