One ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Theory Foreshadows the Series Finale With Wes Bentley’s Jamie Dutton Taking Over the Ranch

One ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Theory Foreshadows the Series Finale With Wes Bentley’s Jamie Dutton Taking Over the Ranch

Yellowstone could still redeem one character despite the inherent abuse of his arc till Season 5

With Taylor Sheridan establishing a new format of storytelling on television with Yellowstone, the audience’s tastes have forever changed to a more refined palate. Narratives about the cruelty and pathos over generational wealth and inheritance feel more suited to our everyday viewing than paltry reality shows and nerdy procedurals.

Yellowstone [Credit: Paramount Network]


However, with the progressing seasons of the Paramount original series, some fans of the show have also detected a significant change in the tone and structure of Yellowstone – labeling it Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy fantasy p*rn and a soap opera, at best. However, one potentially major twist in the upcoming Season 5 arc of the series could prove all the naysayers wrong by showing us why Sheridan truly is a genius at storytelling.

Taylor Sheridan Might Harbor a Secret For Yellowstone Fans
Despite the expansive character building in Taylor Sheridan‘s Yellowstone, there is still a lot that remains to be unpacked concerning the generational and childhood trauma instilled in his arcs. Be it Kelly Reilly‘s Beth Dutton or Wes Bentley‘s Jamie Dutton, none of his characters is safe from their haunted past and their aggressively difficult personalities mirror that trauma in their older selves.

Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone [Credit: Paramount Network]

However, the most twisted of all the relationships in Yellowstone remains the one between Beth and Jamie. From their very first meeting in the series to the progressively escalating violence in each of their exchanges, it became clear to the audience that Jamie Dutton is neither supposed to be liked nor respected – whether as a son, a brother, or a lawyer – in the series’s overarching storyline.

As the actions of his past began to emerge, from Beth’s hysterectomy at 14 years old to his murderous alter ego who is willing to do anything to gain approval and acceptance from his adoptive family, Yellowstone continued to vilify Wes Bentley’s character to the point of no return. Added on top of that was the constant abuse and animosity from Beth and John Dutton, and it became the perfect recipe for Jamie Dutton to turn against his family and walk down the path of vengeance.

But in Taylor Sheridan’s world, everything may not be as it seems.

Jamie Dutton’s Finale Arc Could Surprise Yellowstone Fans
Wes Bentley as Jaime Dutton in Yellowstone [Credit: Roger Snider via Paramount Network]

It is always the ones who suffer quietly the most that gain the most sympathy from the audience. But Jamie Dutton’s character has somehow managed to remain ambiguous on that front. His constant and relentless abuse at the hands of Beth Dutton, his loyalty to the ranch (perhaps even more so than Beth and Kayce), and his willingness to go the distance when it comes to serving his family.
Now, fans have taken it upon themselves to hypothesize a redemption arc for Wes Bentley’s character by recognizing him as a true Dutton after all. Reddit user EdselandIris_Inc claims:

His mother Phyllis, I believe is from Spencer’s line. Her father was Michael Dutton (seen his grave at some point on Yellowstone) which I believe will be Spencer’s son with Alex. This is the reason Jamie’s name is James Michael (Randall) Dutton. If true, Jamie holds as much right to the land as John (Kevin Costner) above Kayce and Beth even, as Jamie would stand in for his mother.

I believe this is why Garrett Randall says again and again that “they stole Jamie’s birthright” – meaning he’s relegated as an adopted son of John currently And this is why John is so fearful of Jamie.Wes Bentley as Jaime Dutton in Yellowstone [Credit: Roger Snider via Paramount Network]

Moreover, expanding on Jamie Dutton’s personal arc as compared to the bumbling character that he has been deemed to be, the Redditor theorizes:

I also believe that Jamie isn’t as dumb as he currently looks (praying for that anyway) and that he is playing all sides to secure the Dutton land while framing Sarah and company for what will be the attempted murders of John and Beth.

I believe that Jamie strikes a deal with Rainwater for the land that is due back to them in “7 generations” – which is Tate and Jamie Jr. generation so that Duttons keep land while securing revenue for Indian reservations with business on a portion of it.

If this theory holds true, Jamie Dutton will not only get his redemption arc but also secure the Dutton Ranch on his way out in Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2. However, considering Taylor Sheridan has already made it clear that he has charted out the final arc for all his characters already, it is highly unlikely that the creator will serve to redeem one of the primary character arcs this late in the series.

Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 premieres on November 2024.


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