OMG !!! Tucker secretly hired Claire before Nikki, he has a new scheme !

When a new face appears in a soap opera, you can bet they’re not just your everyday person. Claire Grace recently joined the

show, and fans are left wondering about her true identity.

Claire is in the running to be Nikki Newman’s assistant, and right now, she seems genuinely nice. Her vibe is positive and she

looks like an ordinary, hopeful person. But there’s something intriguing.

During the interview, when Nikki asked Claire why she wanted to work at Newman, she specifically mentioned McCall

Unlimited. This stood out to me. Maybe she’s just really keen on mergers, but that was a bit too specific.

It crossed my mind that Audra was very eager for Nikki to pick Claire. Could Claire be a mole set up by Audra and Tucker? They might have known her from before, maybe even as a friend.

Or maybe she has her own agenda, unrelated to Audra, and she’s been wronged by Tucker in the past. Joining Newman might be her way to plan against his company.

Some fans are speculating that she could be Tucker’s long-lost daughter. It’s hard to believe her appearance is without reason. Even her name and background feel like they could be made up.

Her surname, Grace, sounds a bit fake, like it’s borrowed from Grace Turner, who had a history with Nick Newman and was close to Sharon Rosales. Maybe Claire is seeking revenge for her.

Let’s not forget that Grace was once involved with Cameron Kristen. Is it a coincidence that Claire showed up after his death? Could she be Grace and Cam’s daughter, out for revenge after Sharon’s involvement in her father’s demise?

If that’s the case, she might have tried to get a job at Kristen Incorporated, seeing it as rightfully hers.

One thing is for sure, Claire is quite striking, and she could be a great match for Adam. To uncover her true identity and see if she gets involved with Adam, stay tuned. We’ll catch up with you next time.


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