OMG !!! Police arrested Tucker because they suspect he killed Ashley | The Young and Thes Restless Spoilers

The spoilers reveal that Abby is really worried about her mom, Ashley.

She has no clue where she might be.

Abby’s mind is racing with all sorts of scary thoughts about what might have happened to her mom.

She’s wondering if maybe Ashley won’t ever come back. These distressing images keep flashing in her mind, pushing her to rush over to Tucker’s place and get some answers.

Abby wants to understand why Tucker came back alone, leaving Ashley behind. This led to a huge clash between them. It’s strange that two people who just got married and should be happily together are now in such a mess. One is here, and the other is a complete mystery.

Right now, Audra is working closely with Nikki on a special assignment. If Audra handles it well, Nikki might see her in a new light. Phyllis, on the other hand, is cooking up her own plans for the future.

After Tucker and Ashley got married, they had plans for a fresh start in Paris. They were going to leave behind all their work and troubles and just enjoy being together. But things didn’t go as planned. When the trip ended, only Tucker came back. Ashley didn’t. Everyone is so worried about Ashley, and no one knows where she is. She’s completely off the grid, not responding to calls or messages.

It’s like she vanished after the trip. Abby is beside herself with worry about her mom. She went to talk to Tucker, hoping to get some answers. But Tucker is being stubborn and won’t give Abby a straight response. She just wants to understand what happened between them and why only Tucker returned.

After many attempts to reach Ashley, they finally got a call from her, asking for help. Nobody knows where she is. What on earth happened between Ashley and Tucker that made her disappear like this? It’s a real mystery.

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