OMG !!! Finn plans to poison Sheila and let her to die !!!

Spoilers say that a shocking twist will happen to Finn next week, and it’s about to lead to a terrible consequences

that could change his life forever. As we know, Finn is very determined with his decision to get rid of Sheila,

he needs to protect his marriage at all costs, and he’s finding a way to do it.

But Sheila has also made it clear that she will never give up on her son, she will forever be a part of his life no matter what happens.

Now Finn is pushed to the edge, but his adoptive mother Li also encouraged him to fight for his family, and Finn is about to go crazy.

As we know, Li felt regret that Finn didn’t let Sheila die when she was in the hospital, Finn disagreed with his mom because he is a doctor.

But right now, Finn may feel a little bit regret because of his actions, he should listen to his mom Li to let Sheila die.

So now he wouldn’t have to worry about this devious woman anymore, but looks like Finn sill has a way to let Sheila die again.

Next week, Taylor will return to LA, as she will have a conversation with Finn, maybe she will tell Finn that he needs to do something.

That will push Finn to another side of him, the dark side that we have never seen him before, Finn will do a terrible thing.

He is a doctor, so he could use some drug to poison Sheila and let her die, this action will change his life forever.

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