Next two weeks spoilers, Eric meets grim fate, Ridge regrets | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Eric’s not telling RJ the whole truth about his health. He says it’s just arthritis,

but his shaky hands don’t match that. RJ’s helping him create a special fashion line.

Eric asked Ridge for help first, but Ridge turned him down.

Now, he’s being a bit selfish and wants to compete against his dad in a fashion show.

Ridge isn’t being very nice to Eric. He’s telling him to go do something else and leave the designing to him.

This situation could lead to a big change and some sadness. It’s possible that Eric might have Parkinson’s disease, not just arthritis.


Arthritis makes your joints hurt, but it doesn’t make your hands shake like Eric’s. Parkinson’s does, which would explain why he’s struggling to draw.

Looks like Eric is hiding a serious health issue, and we all know that it will affect a lot to his situation.

Maybe this is the final storyline for Eric, and we won’t see him more on this show, looks like a sad ending is coming to him.

Spoilers say that a shocking bombshell will happen in the next two week, and maybe Eric will meet grim fate this time.

As for Ridge, he will feel regret for realizing the truth that his father is hiding, and he becomes so selfish with his dad.

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