Nate did a DNA test and found out that Victor isn’t Adam’s biological father | The Young and The Restless Spoilers

Victoria harbored a persistent doubt that

Adam truly belonged in the tight-knit Newman clan.

Their outlooks on life, the family business, and core values were fundamentally different.

The question lingered: Was Adam genuinely connected to her and Nick by blood? He seemed incapable of grasping the unspoken understanding she and her brother shared about their joint inheritance.

Nate yearned to be embraced into the Newman fold. He understood the significance of earning Victoria’s favor, recognizing it could lead to unprecedented progress. This realization led him to contemplate a life-altering decision that could reshape the course of his family’s history.

Recalling the time he declared Victor deceased and nearly lost his medical license, Nate knew the stakes were higher. He was prepared to go the extra mile, delving into the realm of genetic testing in the hope of unearthing evidence that would disprove Adam’s biological connection to Victor.

Victor had never exhibited any inclination to address Hope’s longstanding claim about Adam’s parentage. He perceived her assertions as a mother’s instinct to shield her child from life’s harsh truths. It hadn’t occurred to him that Hope might have been speaking the truth all along, and he was choosing to turn a blind eye.

Nate did a DNA test and found out that Victor isn’t Adam’s biological father | The Young and The Restless Spoilers

et, Nate sensed an opportunity to unveil this concealed truth—a revelation that could permanently shift the dynamics of the Newman family.

He believed he might be the one to finally bring this secret to light. From his perspective, he wasn’t solely safeguarding Victoria’s interests, but also Victor’s.

He reasoned that Victor was misinterpreting Adam’s apparent detachment. If Nate could establish that Adam and Victor weren’t biologically related, it would absolve Victor of any culpability for their strained father-son relationship.

It wasn’t Victor’s failing as a parent or as an individual that drove a wedge between them. Their inability to share a genetic heritage was the underlying cause.

Nate believed that his actions were motivated not by self-interest but by a desire to help the Newman family heal the wounds inflicted by their disparities.

He envisioned a world where Victoria would find genuine happiness, where Nikki would witness her family reunited, and where even Adam might experience relief from the burden of Newman’s expectations.

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