Luna Shares a Peek Into Her Personal Life — and Eric’s Health Takes a Turn for the Worse

At the Forrester mansion, Eric thanks Dr. Colby for his discretion and meeting them there at the house. Eric wants to know

what’s going on, “What’s happening with me, Doctor?”

At Forrester, Brooke gawps, “Wow,” as Ridge has a model show off one of his gowns. Ridge tells Brooke how much she Inspiron

him, and they kiss.

In the design office, RJ searches for the burgundy fabric his granddad wants and Luna finds it. She remarks on his dedication to

his grandfather and assures him she won’t tell anyone about the tremors. RJ says, “I trust you.” She knows a few things about family dynamics and wonders if he really wants to keep this secret from his dad. RJ says if it were up to him, he’d tell Ridge.

He feels caught in the middle and wants to tell his dad, but doesn’t want to betray his grandfather. Luna remarks on his loving and caring relationship with his grandfather, “I didn’t have that with mine.” RJ teases that she’s getting to know him too well and asks for something on her, “Tell me one juicy little Luna secret.”

Thorsten Kaye, Taylor Hale Ridge model B&B

In the main office, the model leaves as Carter walks in. He tells Ridge, “Your dad is going to have to bring his ‘A’ game if he wants to compete with you.” Brooke and Ridge exchange a look. Ridge complains that he’s trying to get through to his father, but he’s not listening. Something is going on with him. It’s like something is pushing him to do this line all on his own.

In the design office Luna tells RJ they should get back to Eric’s. He persuades her to tell him about herself. Luna says she’s from the Northern Bay area and her mother had her when she was really young. It’s always been just the two of them; they’re like artistic free spirits. Her grandfather and aunt are very… driven, and they’re very different from them. Her mom is sort of a hippie and her life was much more modest. They didn’t have much but her mom always made sure she knew she loved her. RJ finds this fascinating.

At the mansion, Dr. Colby says essential tremors was an initial possible diagnosis and they were able to rule out some other theories too. He states, “Cerebral vascular disease and TIAs are our main focus.” Donna gasps, “What?” She’s surprised to learn that Eric knew about this. Eric complains to the doctor that the tremors are getting worse. This morning he couldn’t even hold a pen to sign a contract. Donna wants more tests run now, but Colby says his office will be in touch with more tests. Eric thanks him for coming and he leaves. Tearing up, Donna gasps, “Eric,” and throws her arms around him and cries.

Donna asks Eric why he hid this from her. Eric didn’t want to hurt her. Donna’s a big girl and can handle this, but not if she doesn’t know what’s going on with him. She tells him how much he means to her. She can help by loving him and holding him, “You shouldn’t have to suffer through this alone.” Eric’s sorry. Donna doesn’t want an apology, she wants him to open up to her and realize she’s his person. “We’re going to fight this together. No more secrets, OK?” She rants about how unfair this is given he’s a world-renowned designer. She vows, “We’re going to fight this. Once we figure out what this is, we’re going to get the best therapy, the best medicine. I won’t let my Honeybear lose his gift. I won’t.” Donna admits, “I’m really getting scared. Please, Eric, I really think it’s time. It’s time. Time to tell Ridge. Please. The whole family.” Eric shakes his head.

Carter Ridge B&B

In the design office, Luna thanks RJ for being so welcoming and letting her into the inner circle, “I think you’re super special.” She could tell that by seeing him online, but meeting him in person… Luna’s convinced that when his dad finds out why he kept the secret from him, he’ll respect him anymore. She concludes that he’s special, kind… and very handsome.

In the main office, Brooke wants Ridge to play hooky for the rest of the day. They could go to the beach or the spa… or she’s got keys to a big empty house with a big empty bed. Ridge can’t shake the concern he has for his dad. Why does he want to do a whole collection by himself, “Why now?”

At home, Donna tries to talk Eric into telling Ridge and the family. Eric wants to do this alone, “I want to do this my way.” When he’s finished with this competition, he’s going to be the best designer, it will prove it to Ridge once and for all. Donna says he has nothing to prove. They should end the competition and tell everyone what he’s going through. “You’re playing games.” Eric snaps that it’s not a game, “This is going to be my finest collection, my final line.” Donna warns if he does that, it could be his final line. Eric says that’s all the more reason to do it. He warns Donna not to tell anyone. He started this company with his hands and he can take it back. “Ridge will see who gets the most orders. There’s only one master here and it’s me. It’s Eric Forrester.” Donna nods, “Yeah.” They embrace and she cries.

Brooke Ridge B&B

In the main office, Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t know what his dad needs from him, but he wants this competition. “Maybe I’ll just have to beat him and that will be the end of it.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna tells Eric how much she loves him and goes off to make some tea. Eric picks up a pencil and sketches until he starts coughing. The cough worsens and he grabs a tissue. After coughing into it, he pulls it away and sees blood.


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