Liam’s jealous when he knows that Hope’s pregnant with Thomas’s baby | Bold and Beautiful Spoilers

Hope and Thomas’s relationship is getting some big supports from Douglas, this smart kid is trying to push his parents together.

Now Hope is really shaken by Thomas, and looks like she’s ready to start a relationship with him, not a secret lover anymore.

As for Thomas, he truly wants to build a family with Hope, this is his dream, and looks like he will get his wish this time.

Spoilers say that Hope and Thomas will bring their relationship to the next level, they will become a new couple in town.

Although no one wants to see them together, especially Brooke, this woman always sees Thomas as a bad person and doesn’t deserve Hope.

But Hope won’t care, she will follow her heart this time and build a family with Thomas and Douglas, although there will be some problems.

Douglas will finally success with his plan to bring his parents together, and this young man deserves a happy family like this.

But how about Liam, what will he think when he knows that Hope and Thomas are together, and will soon get married.

Of course he doesn’t love Hope anymore, he just wants Steffy now, but looks like Liam will try to stop Thomas and Hope from being together.

Spoilers say that Liam will even feel angry and jealous when he knows that Hope is pregnant with Thomas’s baby.

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