Liam secretly meets Steffy in Rome, kissing his ex-wife again | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

In Bold and the Beautiful, Li and her son Finn found clever ways to express their strong dislike

for Sheila without directly saying it.

They talked about how to keep Sheila away without using harsh words.

Finn looks upset about these thoughts, but his mother Li seems okay with it. Last week, Finn struggled with what he believes his mom is hinting at.

They both agree that Sheila needs to leave. But does this mean they want her to promise never to bother Finn and his family again?

Or are they starting to think that Sheila should be gone for good?

Just when it seems Li and Finn are on the same page about dealing with Sheila, something changes.

Finn says he’ll try talking to her and explain that he can’t have any connection with her. But history in The Bold and the Beautiful shows this usually doesn’t work.

So, this doctor mom and son have their clever way of talking. But in the end, there’s only one way to make sure Sheila never comes near Finn or his family again.

Meanwhile, spoilers say that Liam will make a sneaky move, he will secretly come to Europe to meet his ex-wife Steffy.

Liam wants to check on his daughter, and looks like he will try to kiss Steffy again, will Steffy accept another kiss from Liam?

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