Li finds out that Luna is her daughter, someone kidnapped her at birth | The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

The person on the call seems to have strong concerns about Luna getting too close to the Forresters.

This suggests a close relationship with Luna, possibly a family member.

Since she wasn’t in LA, it’s likely she’s from out of town.

This could open up the possibility of introducing a new character. Given the protective nature of the caller, some fans speculate that she might be Luna’s mother. However, due to Li’s known infertility, it seems unlikely that Luna is Li’s daughter. This leaves the possibility of Luna being Li’s niece.

Both Luna and Li are of Japanese heritage, which could further support this theory. The caller’s warning to stay away from the Forresters might stem from the troubled history involving Finn, Steffy, and the Forrester family.

Sheila’s presence and her connection to Finn might be the cause of concern. Despite the warnings, Luna is determined to be a part of Forrester Creations. It remains to be seen if her motivations are purely based on a passion for fashion, or if she has hidden agendas.

In any case, it seems likely that Li might be Luna’s aunt, and this family connection could play a significant role in upcoming Bold and Beautiful storylines.

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