KNOCK BACK Stevie Mitchell left for dead after violent outburst in EastEnders

STEVIE Mitchell finds himself at the receiving end of an attack in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

Played by actor Alan Ford, the character – who is Billy Mitchell’s estranged father – returned to his son’s life earlier this year.

Before then, the two had been estranged for decades, with Stevie not even knowing of grandson Jamie’s (Jack Ryder) death in 2002.

Tensions between Stevie and the other Mitchells, however, are set to intensify in scenes yet to air in the BBC soap.

The upcoming scenes see the elder Mitchell find himself under suspicion after a thief steals Lola’s charity money.

At the café, Stevie tries to quiz his grandson Will (Freddie Phillips) over his possible involvement.

Later on, Will fiercely defends his grandfather to Phil and storms off after Phil won’t consider Stevie’s innocence.

After following Will home, Stevie tries to get his grandson to admit to what he did.

However, he ultimately loses his temper when Will refuses.

In a moment of madness, Will knocks Stevie over and rushes off, leaving his granddad motionless on the floor.

He has been trying to reconnect with estranged son Billy Mitchell
After seeing Will bolting out of the flat, Phil enters, discovers Stevie unconscious and calls an ambulance for him.

As the Mitchells rush to hospital, however, Phil confronts Will about what happened.

Will confesses everything, leaving Phil to go and find Kyle, the boy blackmailing Will.

Back at the hospital, doctors tell the relieved Mitchells that Stevie has a concussion but will be otherwise be okay.

Later, three new faces arrive in Albert Square looking for Stevie – Teddy, Harry and Barney Mitchell.

The forthcoming entrance of the trio – who are Stevie’s son and grandsons – was first announced earlier this month as the new Mitchells make their way to Albert Square.

EastEnders facts and figures

While Stevie is consoling Will after the attack, the patriarch is shocked to see son Teddy (Roland Manookian).

After Will is sent away, Teddy wonders who the boy is – but his father doesn’t tell him and also lies about where he has been.

Curious, Teddy makes it his mission to find out the truth – starting following Will and Billy back to Albert Square.

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