Jack returns to help his son Finn, he will do a crazy thing | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Finn probably thinks that Sheila needs to go away for him to have a normal life.

Putting her in prison might help, but it doesn’t completely guarantee safety.

Sheila has a way of escaping when she really wants to.

So, this week on Bold and Beautiful, it seems Finn and Li will talk about their plans. Last week, there were some hints about what they might do.

Li talked about Jack Finnegan, Finn’s dad, and how he lied to her during their marriage. Then, she mentioned how Finn came into their lives.

It must’ve been tough for Finn to hear that his mom saw his arrival in that way.

She said Jack brought home a baby from a “not-so-great relationship” and didn’t tell her the truth about Finn’s birth.

This must’ve been hard for Finn to hear. The woman he sees as his mom described his origin in a painful way.

Then there’s Sheila, who claims she loves Finn unconditionally. This might be something Finn considers when the time comes to deal with Sheila.

So the question here is, where is Jack, will he return to help his son Finn this time, Jack hates Sheila so much for what she did to his family.

Maybe Jack will suddenly appear on time to save his son Finn, and he will do a crazy thing to get rid of Sheila once and for all.

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