Hope listens to Douglas, agrees to marry Thomas and builds a new family | Bold and the Beautiful

In the recent episode of The Bold and the Beautiful,

Thomas showed intense interest in Hope.

He helped her with a dress fitting, but some fans found his actions too forward and inappropriate.

Despite the boundaries, Thomas seemed determined to win Hope over. The chemistry between them has sparked a lot of discussion among viewers, with some even calling it legendary.

People are expressing how this scene felt incredibly seductive for daytime television, leaving them in need of a cool-down.

But Hope still doesn’t want to start a relationship with Thomas, she loves him but only in bed, and she still hesitates about dating him officially.

Hope fears that her mom Brooke will go crazy if she finds out this, and she still needs time to think carefully.

But looks like Douglas doesn’t want to wait, he is a smart kid and he knows that it’s time to make his parents come together.

Spoilers say that Douglas will make a heartfelt plea to Hope and Thomas about his desire to bring them together.

As we know, Hope loves Douglas so much, and this time, maybe she will listen to her son and agree to marry Thomas.

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