Hope discovers Thomas is manipulating Douglas to win her heart | Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Hope Logan is really happy now that she’s not with Liam anymore.

She’s getting closer with Thomas Forrester. But she’s still not sure if she loves him.

Douglas, who is Thomas and Hope’s son, wants his parents to be together.

Now that Liam is not in the picture, Douglas thinks it might happen.

So, Douglas plans a special dinner for them. Hope decides to go along with it and enjoy Thomas’s company. He says he loves her, but he understands that she’s not ready for that yet.

Hope is starting to feel what it’s like to be with someone who cares only about her, and she likes it more and more each day.

Maybe she’ll realize she loves Thomas sooner than she thinks. With the help of Douglas, spoilers say that Hope will slowly fall for Thomas.

This little kid is so smart, but the question here is, does Douglas do it all by himself, or Thomas is manipulating his son to get Hope.

Thomas used to do that in the past, but this little boy is very smart, so this time, Thomas only needs to give his son a hint about his desire.

But if Hope finds out that Thomas is manipulating his son to win her heart, she will be completely disappointed with him.

Hope wil never accept Thomas using his son again, and it will destroy their future relstionship forever.

Let’s wait and see what is coming up to Hope and Thomas, will they end up together, or something bad will happen.

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