GONE MISSING ‘Where is he?’ ask EastEnders fans as they claim Walford resident has ‘vanished’ from BBC soap

THE KNIGHT family chihuahua has gone missing from EastEnders, and eagle-eyed fans are wondering what happened to him.

Tyson was adopted by Anna and Gina last year.He belongs to Anna and Gina Knight

Their furry friend was named after the prominent boxer Tyson Fury.

So far he has been the cause of some rows in Walford, as Kathy Beale was infuriated when the Knight sisters brought him into her cafe.

Gina protested that Tyson was not the only dog in the establishment, and an upset Kathy stormed out.

Bobby Beale also protested when the women brought him into his chippy.

However, after assurances from Anna and Gina that the chihuahua was a well behaved and clean dog, he was allowed to stay just the once.

Now the pup has not been sighted on the soap since April, and fans are calling for him to be brought back.

A couple of regular EastEnders viewers posted on social media asking where Tyson is, and one even created a missing dog poster for him.

One annoyed viewer complained: “I don’t know why they bother writing pets into the show. They barely have time to show Kim’s kids.”

Another added: “Same with some of the other residential dogs. They just disappear.

“Remember Roxy’s dog also just conveniently disappeared.”

that!’ say EastEnders fans as Phil Mitchell goes on angry rampage – before three newcomers arrive in Walford
A third speculated that the BBC is too strapped for cash to keep bringing the dog on screen, saying: “I heard pets can be expensive for TV, so it could be for budget purposes.”

Someone responded: “Most likely that’s the correct answer. But I need an in universe explanation lol. Doggy Day Care?”

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